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Microsoft Teams is the videoconferencing software used by Shared Health.

MS Teams works with the Microsoft Office version we require for CCMDB.accdb, but Shared Health is using Teams as a driver to move everyone to a newer version. Do not let your laptop be updated to Office 2019 for now, see Microsoft Office version for details.

The MS Teams app can be downloaded to our laptops, and clicking on the "join meeting" link in any invite to a Teams meeting should start this. If you run into problems, talk to Tina or Herman rather than the Helpdesk, since they will want to follow the standard solution that would involve the Office upgrade we don't want (see Microsoft Office version for details).

If you are not part of WRHA Teams you will be listed as a "guest" and someone will have to admit you from the "lobby" to the meeting. If that doesn't happen, call the organizer on the phone to remind them.

The long, ugly story

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Provisioning MS Teams

Users need to have Teams provisioned to them to be able to join meetings without being admitted from the lobby individually as guests, and to prevent the splash screen in #App start and error when starting the computer.

  • Tina is looking into what it would take for collectors to have Teams provisioned without Office 2019 being installed. It is possible, since it's set up on Tina's laptop that way. There is an add-in that would facilitate booking Teams meetings from 2010, but Teams works without this and collectors may not really need that, if that's the hold up.
  • We will need to put in an ACMT form that now includes Teams, and put a comment to specifically not include the MS Office update. Then when we get the incident number we need to contact the service desk to request a work note as well to make sure there is no update to 2019, which will populate a part of their process documentation that might be more likely to be seen by whoever fulfills the ticket.
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App start and error when starting the computer

Whenever Teams starts on your laptop you will get a splash screen that says "You are missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for Winnipeg Regional Health Authority" and "Sign up for Teams" button.

Disable app start on boot

You can go into the settings and turn off "Auto-start application" so the app will only open once you click on a link in a meeting. That will get rid of the big splash screen every time you boot your laptop.

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