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  • At some point we had disabled Query check_ER_Delay_not_too_big which would have automatically taken care of this bug, but we have since reinstated around 2021-09-15. Is this again a problem now, or is this solved? If I don't hear back from anyone that this is a problem I will consider it solved in 2 weeks. Ttenbergen 14:39, 2021 November 18 (CST)

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  • Flagged as still a problem in 2020-10, possibly for Query check_ER_Delay_not_too_big; if so, it's now fixed since that check got disabled. Ttenbergen 22:08, 2020 October 18 (CDT)
  • added: 2013-08-02
  • action: 2021-12-02
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  • Tina...can you get the five times hitting okay for a long stay patient on discharge back down to a more reasonable one time again? You had fixed this problem a long time ago but it has started up again. Thanks,--CMarks 12:48, 2013 August 2 (CDT)
    • Tried to replicate the problem by entering an admit date a year ago. Only got one error when trying to check registry checkbox. Am I misunderstanding the problem? Do you still have this problem? Ttenbergen 12:16, 2013 August 29 (CDT)
      • When I check off the registry box, the long stay question comes up once but when the file is complete (all boxes checked off) and I try to enter complete I am asked multiple times if I know thai is a longstay pt. It is redundent to say yes or okay multiple times.--CMarks 15:21, 2013 August 30 (CDT)
        • I will need to troubleshoot this, it has to do with event order and is kind of tricky, and more importantly, likely to break other things. Will look at this when I have time. Not urgent because work-around is well understood: click past the multiple errors. Ttenbergen 20:13, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
          • Wondering if there is any way you can change the pop up / warning for “patient has stayed longer than 40 days”. When I access a record of a patient that has stayed longer than 40 days, the pop up comes up a minimum of 4 times, if not more, depending on what I do in the file. p:Kelsey Brunton, Friday, November 07, 2014 01:19 PM
            • Hi Kelsey, pulling Julie in on this.Which unit is this, and what percentage are more than 40 days? Julie, do you mind if I up the threshold for that ward? What would be a reasonable threshold? p:Tina Tenbergen, Friday, November 07, 2014 01:19 PM
              • Discussed this with Julie and we will change the warning level to be specific to the ward.
                • Regarding the four (4) warnings, ya, that’s a bug I know about, but don’t know how to fix.p:Tina Tenbergen, Friday, November 10, 2014 09:58 PM

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