Pyoderma Gangranosum

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Legacy Content

This page is about the pre-ICD10 diagnosis coding schema. See the ICD10 Diagnosis List, or the following for similar diagnoses in ICD10:Pyoderma gangrenosum

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Category: Dermatological Non-Infectious (old)


Medical Problem

Main Diagnosis: Pyoderma Gangranosum
Sub Diagnosis: Pyoderma Gangranosum]]
Diagnosis Code: 94900 - Pyoderma Gangranosum
Comorbid Diagnosis: No
Charlson Comorbid coding (pre ICD10): 0
Program: CC & Med
Status: Currently Collected

Chronic non infective eruption of spreading ulcers

The name pyoderma gangrenosum is historical. The condition is not an infection (pyoderma), nor does it cause gangrene.