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Before CCMDB.mdb_Change_Log_2011#ver_2011-05-04 collectors were able to send a blank transfer ready time with a transfer ready date. For those cases, the Statistician used a proxy time (possibly only for patients who required a transfer ready date in the first place). Transfer ready times can no longer have blank times as of that update, so this is no longer done.

SAS proxy transfer time assigned ICU

If no transfer time is available then analysis assumes


Is this all still a thing? If so, then since tehre is no more CCVSM what are the criteria?

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

SAS proxy transfer time assigned MEDICINE

If no transfer time is available then analysis assumes

  • 12:00 if discharge time is AFTER 12:00 noon
  • 00:01 if BEFORE 12:00 noon.

ongoing use

It would be best if this was confirmed by the statistician - I tried to clarify it, but...Ttenbergen 14:41, 2014 March 2 (CST)

  • The above proxy time is still part of the SAS program and if there is no more incidence of missing time as stated above, then the proxy time is not being used. JMojica 11:37, 2014 March 25 (CDT)

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