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The Database Task Team has been reviewing the entire Database Program and submitting recommendation to the Database Steering committee for approval and changes.

See Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes for items currently under discussion. Suggest items for discussion by adding the to any article.



Purpose of Database Task Team

  • review each and every element collected, what is collected and how it is obtained at each ICU site in the city
  • find more efficient ways of collecting elements
  • eliminate or add elements collected
  • improve quality of data elements collected
  • free up and divert 10% of resource time to quality control audit
  • present recommendation to the Database Steering Committee for approval

Members of the Database Task Group

If you have comments for this group, please add a discussion section to this page and let us know.

Alternate Name

Task Group


The group meets once per month or more often if needed, usually in HSC GE214 meeting room.


Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes

How to put a question in an article for the Task Team list to review

See: Template:DiscussTask