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  • UPL - Universal Pathogen List. These are used as diagnosis subcodes for all infection that we track in our ICU and Medicine Database.
  • Also see: Pathogens (old) for more information & discussion.
For the most up-to-date list of pathogens, see your PDA, Access database (CCMDB.mdb). This is the list as of June 1.09 and for orientation only.

Pathogen subcode number Type Pathogen ( UPL)
1 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Acinetobacter baumanii
2 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Acinetobacter lwoffi
72 virus Adenovirus
3 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila
4 anaerobe (old) Anaerobe-Other (Prevotella, Bacteroides, peptostreptococcus or other)
80 yeast/fungus Aspergillus spp
59 (other) non pathogen subcodes Aspiration (early presentation, documented aspiration)
5 anaerobe (old) Bacteroides fragilis
81 yeast/fungus Blastomyces spp
6 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Burkholderia spp
7 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Campylobacter spp
82 yeast/fungus Candida albicans
83 yeast/fungus Candida glabrata
84 yeast/fungus Candida lusitaniae
85 yeast/fungus Candida parapsilosis
86 yeast/fungus Candida tropicalis
87 yeast/fungus Candida/yeast -OTHER
8 bacteria Chlamydia spp
9 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Citrobacter diversus
10 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Citrobacter freudii
11 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Citrobacter spp
12 anaerobe (old) Clostridium difficile
13 anaerobe (old) Clostridium other species (gangrene)
14 (g+r) Gram +ve rod Corynebacterium jeikeium
15 (g+r) Gram +ve rod Corynebacterium spp
88 yeast/fungus Cryptocuccus spp
73 virus Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
16 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria E. coli
17 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Enterobacter aerogenes
18 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Enterobacter cloacae
19 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Enterobacter spp
20 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Enterococcus faecalis
21 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Enterococcus faecium
22 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Enterococcus -vancomycin-resistant (VRE)
23 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Enterooccus spp
24 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria ESBL or MRO
25 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Hemophilus influenzae
26 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Hemophilus spp
74 virus Herpes Simplex virus (HSV)
89 yeast/fungus Histplasma spp
75 virus Influenza virus (all types) {include Swine Flu H1N1_09 -June 1.09}
27 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Klebsiella oxytoca
28 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae
29 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Klebsiella spp
30 bacteria Legionella spp. Legionella spp.
31 (g+r) Gram +ve rod Listeria monocytogenes
94 bacteria Lyme-Borrelia Burgdorferi Lyme Disease
69 parasite Malaria
32 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Micrococcus spp
60 Mixed pathogens Mixed bacteria
61 Mixed pathogens Mixed bacteria and yeast/fungus
62 Mixed pathogens Mixed bacteria with at least one resistant gram negative
63 Mixed pathogens Mixed bacteria with at least one resistant gram positive (MRSA, VISA, VRSA, VRE)
64 Mixed pathogens Mixed resistant bacteria (either 86 or 87) with yeast/fungus
33 (g-c) Gram -ve cocci Moraxella catarrhalis
34 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Morganella morganni
90 yeast/fungus Mucor/Rhizopus/Alternaria spp
35 bacteria Mycobacteria-Other (not M. tuberculosis)
36 bacteria Mycoplasma spp
65 non pathogen subcodes Negative Culture
37 (g-c) Category: Gram -ve cocci (old) Neisseria gonorrhoeae
38 (g-c) Gram -ve cocci Neisseria meningitidis
92 non pathogen subcodes No Culture Sent or Resulted
0 non pathogen subcodes No Value
66 (g-) Gram -ve (old) OTHER - Gram negative
67 (g+) Gram +ve OTHER - Gram positive
91 yeast/fungus OTHER -Fungus
70 parasite OTHER-Parasite (giardia, amoeba, Crytosporidium, etc.)
79 virus OTHER-Virus
76 virus Parainfluenza virus
71 parasite Pneumocystis carinii (PCP)
39 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Proteus mirabilis
40 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Proteus spp
41 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Proteus vulgaris
42 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa
77 virus Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
43 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Salmonella spp
44 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Serratia marcescens
45 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Serratia spp
46 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Shigella spp
47 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Staphylococcus aureus
48 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin-resistantant, MRSA)
49 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • If the patient IS being treated with antibiotics then code it as an infection. If patient is NOT treated with antibiotics then DO NOT code it as an infection. Contaminants should not be coded as infections.
50 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Staphylococcus spp
51 (g-b) Gram -ve bacteria Stenotrophomonas spp
52 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Strep (other beta-hemolytic streptococci)
53 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Strep viridans (alpha-hemolytic strep other than Enterococcus or S. pneumoniae), Strep. Anginosus part of this group.
54 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Streptococcus agglactiae Group B
55 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Streptococcus pnemoniae
56 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Streptococcus pyogenes Group A
93 bacteria Syphilis-Treponema Pallidium Syphilis-Treponema Pallidium
57 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis)
68 non pathogen subcodes Unknown Pathogen
58 (g+c) Gram +ve cocci Vancomycin-resistant/intermediate S. aureus (VISA/VRSA/VISA)
78 virus Varicella/zoster virus (chicken pox/shingles) (VZV)
95 virus West Nile