Validating new types of DSM results

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Occasionally new types of lab results are encountered in the DSM data in the process of Instructions for importing a batch of DSM Data. This page explains what to do when these arrive, and logs the state of what we are doing.


Find out if they need to be added

  • open the following queries (they are based on labs imported within the last hour, so do this right away)
    • s_group, sort by "added_dt" and review today's only
    • s_mapping_lab, sort by "date_listed" and review today's only
  • email a list of the new result names to Lisa and Allan. Include something like the following in the email:
The below labs started showing up in the most recent DSM extract. We need to ensure that (a) they don't need to be included to be counted toward, and (b) they don't include anything we want to start collecting now. Could you please review the list and inform Tina, Julie and Pagasa if action is required. 
<paste list>

Confirm this would not result in double-counting

If new listings appear related to what we count, we need to find out how they relate to the existing coding. Some labs generate multiple results lines, so we need to make sure that we use the most representative results lines to count toward our labs. That is, we may already count a given lab even without adding the newly found one, and adding it could lead to double-counting.

We can review the data to see if other results show up in the same batch of samples sent that appear to do this, but we really should contact the DSM / Labs data people to find out how to interpret this.

Email Dr. Allan Garland who will contact DSM.

Add if needed

If we identify them as something we need to add, then we need to update the following to start counting them:


  • 2022-11-24 - discussed at Task today that our meeting with DSM showed that we don't need to add any of the ones that have shown up so far

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