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This article explains which time/entry of vital signs to use for the ALERT Scale.

Collection Instructions

  • When a patient is admitted from the emergency department, use the values that are closest but prior to the time medicine service accepts the patient to their service (ie Accept DtTm).
  • When patients move between wards or from an icu to a ward use the values that are closest but prior to discharge/transfer from the sending service.
  • For direct transfers to Medicine via the ER use the first value taken and recorded on the triage record.
  • Direct transfers that bypass the ER take the value on arrival to your unit.

vs Selection and timing of APACHE components


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  • Should we merge this with Selection and timing of APACHE components? Med doesn't collect all of these, but those that are collected should probably be collected following the same instructions... This especially should be reviewed since we no longer make a distinction between EMIPs and inpts for most other instructions. Should this instruction instead simply be:
    • "Use the most recent value before service acceptance. If no value is available before service acceptance, use the first value available after service acceptance."
  • if we reject this change, we should at least state once and for all that they are similar but different, and why. Ttenbergen 14:29, 2020 December 23 (CST)
    • No, we can not merge these two because the definitions are still different. See further comments on counterpart page and integrate before deleting question. Ttenbergen 13:34, 2021 February 22 (CST)
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