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The Internal Medicine Database was recognized as a "Leading Practice" for 2012 by Accreditation Canada. (You can search for information on this webpage for articles listed below).

The award Medicine program gets is a certificate from Accreditation Canada acknowledging the practice as an accepted "leading practice". Being leading practices mean they are acknowledged and now exist online and in Accreditation Canada's database for the world to see and be revered with Dan Roberts as the contact to learn more. The annual Accreditation Canada quality conference is being held in February 2013 where formal acknowledgment of "leading practices" occur. It is likely after that time that the certificate is presented to the medicine program.

  • Accreditation Canada Leading Practice - Internal Medicine Database [1]


  • Leading Practice - Clinical Redesign Unit.
    • Regional Medicine Database Program assisted with implementation of:
      • CTU at VGH in 2009
      • sleep lab in 2006