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This is a listing of articles that require periodic review, and when they are next scheduled to be reviewed.

 NextReviewDateModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Article needing periodic review1900-01-0120 March 2018 21:14:40
Data Request Status ICU/Med2019-02-0826 June 2019 18:19:04
Public Entrance Likely Initial Page2018-04-0126 March 2019 03:17:11
Publications, abstracts, presentations using the Critical Care and Medicine Database2019-02-154 July 2019 22:56:09
Total admissions ICU/Med2019-09-019 January 2020 15:40:46


These are articles tagged using Template:Article needing periodic review.

Tina has a recurrent meeting booked with Trish for the third Wednesday every second month to update these.