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Data User Portal for the Manitoba Critical Care and Medicine Databases has a audience outside of our organization, so we should attempt to keep on top of Category:Questions on pages that are linked from there. There is no easy way to do this for pages that are linked from there, specifically, but most pages linked from there are in one of the following categories: Category:Data structure, Category:Project or Category:Indicators. Here is a list of pages that are in one of those categories and that have questions:

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Boarding Locall
  • When use of generic boarding/covid units are discontinued is it possible to have the Item Column automatically populated with the specific units that is done for the service Item Column whereby the service is automatically entered? (Pam)
    • That is the plan. Ttenbergen 13:54, 2022 January 17 (CST)
  • What is the start date for this change? Thanks!
    • No clear start date, but soon hopefully. Ttenbergen 13:54, 2022 January 17 (CST)
17 January 2022 19:54:46
Created Variables Common 2021 tableJulie
  • I suppose you are changing the columns from adm to ER-delay, are these correct? are you just changing the data source from L_Log to tmp service or changing how to present the LOS - by record or by each service of each record?
    • I just changed the source from the L_Log values to the tmp values, where available, ie they would still be by profile.
    • I am defining it as ER_Delay: Nz([created_FirstNonER_BoardingLoc].[dttm],[Arrive_dttm])-Nz([Admit_DtTm]), ie you could use the created_FirstNonER_BoardingLoc query for other things as well. Ttenbergen 16:44, 2022 January 11 (CST)

  • how about the transfer delay for MED involving High obs and regular ward where there are more than one legit transfer dates - are you including that in the calculation?
    • re multiples: -Tinato review
    • re High-obs: -Tinato review
    • If we wanted them by service it could not really go onto Created Variables as it is right now, since it outputs one line per profile. I can make queries that e.g. do LOS per service, but those would have to be different queries that would have more than one line per profile, and we would need to define them before I can build them. Ttenbergen 15:10, 2021 June 3 (CDT)

  • I need the rest for the ALERT Score in Medicine report - these have no change, right?
    • No change to the GCS entries, do you mean anything else? Ttenbergen 16:44, 2022 January 11 (CST)
11 January 2022 22:44:05
Dispo fieldall
  • is there any chance we can have the Dispo list cleaned up if we're using the above options? There are still +++ inpatient options for the hospitals? I guess this would also apply to the Previous Location and Pre-Admit lists as well.
17 January 2022 19:28:01
Previous Service fieldall
  • I had always thought as Previous service only applying to local services, rather than services at a different site. #Data use only talks about inpatient locations. Do we really want to use these for services from outside? Ttenbergen 11:05, 2022 January 19 (CST)
  • We have always captured it this way, I had tweaked the instructions as Iris had noticed that it was confusing Lisa Kaita 11:24, 2022 January 19 (CST)
19 January 2022 17:24:07
QA Infection VAPJuliewill we still need to collect this in ICD10, since I think all the data now lives in the dx codes as well. I am holding off on implementing Query s tmp QAInf tmp no dx until resolved. same reply as in QA CLI. --JMojica 12:04, 2018 December 27 (CST)15 June 2021 21:31:51
QA Septic ShockJulieIf we ever pick this back up we need to answer: Is "Every entry for project QA Septic must have either a date or a time." a request for a cross check? or does that check exist already?16 September 2019 19:43:49
Query s tmp Boarding Loc date itemJulie
  • if we enter unit info from Cognos, then the unit start date and time for the initial boarding loc will almost always be before the accept date and time. So I have removed that cross check for now so we can decide how we want to do this. I think we should enter the unit start from Cognos; this will be easier, less typo-prone, and it will allow us to eventually move to a system where we simply import this from Cognos possibly without human intervention (or in any case, possibly with only administrative intervention rather than from nurse data collector). It would mean treating this data differently to screen out the time on unit before service, and it would mean we can no longer cross check for this. We will need to review out cross-checks anyway, we don't have one for services yet at all. Emailing Julie for input. Regardless of the what we decide, we will need to clarify this in Boarding Loc since collectors are likely entering this first boarding slightly differently. Ttenbergen 16:48, 2020 November 6 (CST)
2 September 2021 16:25:38
S dispo.loc typeJulieIndeed, what is the description? Especially in contrast to S dispo.service type; when you give the answer, please put it behind "element_description" above and delete this question.10 April 2020 04:33:12
S dispo.service typeJulieDo you know what is the description? Especially in contrast to S dispo.loc_type. How do you use this? Please put the answer in the element_description above
entries in s_dispo table might be inconsistent with entries on wiki. Which are right? These are mostly used by you for Reporting so could you please make sure wiki and dispo are consistent? Or, we could take them out of wiki if you would rather not maintain them in two places.
10 April 2020 04:37:23


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