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Data User Portal for the Manitoba Critical Care and Medicine Databases has a audience outside of our organization, so we should attempt to keep on top of Category:Questions on pages that are linked from there. There is no easy way to do this for pages that are linked from there, specifically, but most pages linked from there are in one of the following categories: Category:Data structure, Category:Project or Category:Indicators. Here is a list of pages that are in one of those categories and that have questions:

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Boarding LocLisaif two show up with same dttm how should this be resolved?
  • see above example. Lisa Kaita 13:59, 2023 February 1 (CST)
    are there circumstances where the unit time is changed from the Cognos one? These might come from Definition of a Critical Care Laptop Admission / Definition of a Medicine Laptop Admission or should in any case be consistent with that.
  • yes for SICU often COGNOS has the date and tm the same for first service and first boarding loc and second boarding loc, so we will change the boarding loc to be off by 1 minute until we confirm in the chart the correct date and times. We then exclude the boarding loc so that it doesn't keep popping up on the CUS, leave a note in note section to confirm date and times Lisa Kaita 13:55, 2023 February 1 (CST)
    • I am not sure how best to update this instruction so it's both clear how to collect, how to interpret incomplete data, and how to interpret complete data.... thoughts? Ttenbergen 15:10, 2023 February 1 (CST)
1 February 2023 21:10:53
ClientGUID fieldLisa
  • Do you know if the ClientGUID is visible in EPR anywhere? It is usually a long number, like 4000012345678912 at HSC. There are shorter ones and some start with a different number. If these were actually visible in EPR then the question of whether we ever enter a record otherwise would go away, as we would be ale to just enter them explicitly as neededTtenbergen 15:32, 2022 August 4 (CDT)
  • I would need a specific example of Client GUID and the patient to look in EPR Lisa Kaita 12:26, 2022 August 24 (CDT)
    • The second field in your L_Log table is now being populated with these, so sort it z-to-a and you should see examples of ClientGUIDs. Ttenbergen 15:01, 2022 August 24 (CDT)
  • I looked at a few and the ClientGUID does not appear to be on the EPR, the only long # in EPR other than MRN is the Visit ID # Lisa Kaita 14:04, 2022 August 25 (CDT)
  • 9 September 2022 15:31:55
    DC TreatmentTina_dev_CFE_Data
    • The field has a length of 50 and should be reduced to 2 now that that's the longest content.
    1 September 2022 22:01:08
    ER DelayTina
  • I have re-updated Created_Variables_Common_maker_2021 query, for some reason the change I had made was not reflected in the master version. Ready to test. Ttenbergen 13:25, 2022 June 28 (CDT)
    • emailed Tina some inconsistencies found in ER Delays Aug 15,2022. --JMojica 13:21, 2022 August 29 (CDT)

  • This is really one of the Indicators, right? If so we should add that template... That would also include which reports use it, and what the n is, etc. Ttenbergen 10:27, 2023 February 2 (CST)
    15 February 2023 22:39:34
    Query check tmp BedHeldallJALT 2 February 2023 22:02:53
    R Filter FieldPagasa
  • Emailed Pagasa to please run the following queries to clear out this field. Ttenbergen 09:52, 2022 August 4 (CDT)

  • Don't understand where or how Julie wants these moved, I don't thin we have a tmp project for these; we can make one but then I'd need a clear definition of what these are. Emailed Julie Ttenbergen 09:52, 2022 August 4 (CDT)

    • CCN/CC (co managed CCU patients intubated/non ventilated) – 633 records from 1989-2004 at STB/HSC MICU. Based on the D_ID, the physical location-service involves, CCU, MICU,SICU.
      • looks like similar with ICUOtherService with a twist (i.e. with intub/non ventilated procedures). I think better as a separate tmp project.
      • in the booklet it says - This codes applies to coronary care patients who are deemed too sick for the Coronary Care Unit and are managed or co-managed in the Medical ICU because they required either ventilation, inotropes, central lines or IABP.
      • if this is the definition, I wander when filtered from L_LOG, the D_ID label have CCU, SICU in addition to HSC MICU or STB MICU (showed HSC_CCU--*, HSC_MICU--*, HSC_SICU--*,STB_CCU-*, STB_MICU-*, VIC_MICU-*) . Not sure if VIC_MICU is an entry error but this has acquired dx Debridement-cardiovascular entry, maybe correct. Also maybe the physical location does not matter? --JMojica 14:53, 2022 August 29 (CDT)
    • H/B/HB/BH (HSC CCU at H7, B3 or both) – 1100 records from 2003 – 2006 at HSC CCU
      • looks like this is similar with tmp boarding concept except without start dates but only location. I think better to make a separate project than add to current tmp Boarding since these had older data (maybe name the project as HSC CCU Location) --JMojica 14:55, 2022 August 29 (CDT)
    1 September 2022 22:19:07
    Transfer Delay (Critical Care)Tina
  • There were problems with the query I provided to Pagasa, this one doesn't seem to play nice if pasted as SQL. Waiting for reply from Julie on above before providing update since it might change. Ttenbergen 11:04, 2022 September 21 (CDT)
  • 23 March 2023 18:08:10
    Transfer Delay (Medicine)Tina 23 March 2023 16:45:26


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