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General Information for the Assisted Living entry in Pre acute living situation field.

  • senior housing complex which can be a condo or apt style
  • independent living for seniors
  • individual or couples pay rent or condo fees and may add on optional services on a "a la carte" fee basis such as
    • light housekeeping
    • Meals
    • Laundry services
    • recreational activities
  • any required nursing services would be provided through home care with some larger centers employing an RN on site
  • assisted living complexes are privately owned and operated using private capital; profit oriented
  • no government involvement with the exception of some MB Housing Senior Complexes that may provide some additional services
  • costs: approx. $2-3,000/mnth depending on chosen services as of April.2013


  • The Waverly Retirement Residence located at 857 Wilkes Avenue
  • Thorvaldson Care Center 495 Stadbrook (they self-describe as "intermediate personal care"); we decided to include them in assisted living
  • Brightwater Senior Living 741 Sterling Lyon Pkwy R3P2S9 **has Assisted Living options/and is a senior living complex
  • Riverwood Square 1778 Pembina R3T1R2 =AL /Riverwood Square HARMONY 1778 Pembina R3T1R2 =SH

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