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This article contains links to pages (and headings if applicable) in the order of priorities of changes. Primarily it's a tool for Tina and Trish to communicate, but if you have a problem with the prioritization please feel free to comment.

Prioritized List of Changes


see Requested TISS changes for the next version

MCHP data

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy export

  • Target date expected: First week of May 2017.Trish Ostryzniuk 16:52, 2017 April 21 (CDT)

DSM labs exchange

Post code

  • Fix master table - removed unnecessary columns of data and put RHA's
    • in the interm, Pagasa only has to enter postal code, town and RHA until this table is fixed up.

change APACHE tab to ICU tab and Medicine Tab (Alert)

  • when fixing up CCMDB tabs, to reduce confusion, change APACHE tab to ICU tab and the medicine one to Medicine tab.
  • APACHE article refers to ICU
  • ALERT article refers Medicine not APACHE article

Reports into Access

Critical Care Inter-facility Transfer Report

Multiple encounter consistency checks

  • Tina to review further with Julie when at this point. Must check it if consistent with Visit Admit DtTm field.Trish Ostryzniuk 15:38, 2016 September 26 (CDT)
  • Linking - priority because alot of report rely on it.Trish Ostryzniuk 12:56, 2014 September 23 (CDT)
  • Large diff in time
  • Short diff but inconsistent locations (incl EMIP)

Ttenbergen 13:56, 2014 August 18 (CDT) --Trish Ostryzniuk 17:43, 2014 May 2 (CDT

Changes to CCMDB needed to get rid of Data collection Log sheet

See Minutes Team Meeting June 8, 2016 item 3.

Transition to Database Server

PCH data dump


in progress, see MB Health Tool.mdb

CFE editing - need integrity checks in place to catch editing errors

  • Admit transfer discharge range as from CCMDB

Dispo Field clean-up

Julie is finishing last cross check, can remove fields when she is done Ttenbergen 11:25, 2016 September 26 (CDT) 2016_Time_and_Place_changes

potential change

Holding Zone to move up into the change Queue when details finalized

Patient copier button

things that used to be part of article "TMSX MedTMS to Centralized go-live"

legacy data storage