Grace Hospital Contacts

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CCMDB Friends

  • Medicine Clinical Instructor is Rianna Thompson local 70856 pager 204-932-0689
  • Health Records Guru is Kim-local 70166
  • Computer Help Desk Kendall Pries local 70810; an EHealth ticket # should be generated prior to calling K. Pries
  • Health Records/Pt Registration Manager is Marusia Aime local 70167
  • Telephone Problems including voice mail password issues and repair services E Health 204-940-8500
  • Security local 70366 for those of us who lock ourselves out of the office on a regular basis
  • EHealth 204-940-8500
  • vacant position local 70460 coordinator supplies & services (manages furniture supplies)
  • Housekeeping local 70198
  • Val Myers Home Care Secretary in 2-011 also lets us photocopy/fax/scan when necessary local 70310
  • WRHA Medicine Program Director is Angela Matwick 204-837-0777 local 70316 pager 204-935-2654

Grace ICU Contacts


Facility Access card, office key and parking

Parking/Facility Access and Support Services

  • there is a Grace Health Campus Facility Access Form that needs to be filled out and signed by manager before submitting.
Where is that form? Is there a link?
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
    • can be submitted by email to:
  • Anthony (Tony) Zak 204-837-0721
  • Room M112, GGH. The office is in the hallway running outside ER to the north of the ICU hallway
  • NOTE: access cards will automatically outdate if not used in 90 days; call or visit Tony to have your access pass updated
  • Keys for office: Tony can make this request to Grace Hospital Facility Management :
    • Phone 204-837-0403