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Important information during Coronavirus pandemic

Staff are required to do the COVID self-screening before each shift, and come to work with a new Level 3 facemask. A box of facemasks was provided by the facility to each staff member.

Staff are able to enter through the staff and daycare entrances located in the Dorothy Wood Building (swipe access). There are no screeners at this entry point. Staff are also able to enter through the main entry of the hospital. They will have to go through the screening with the greeters at this entry point.

Cleaning Wipes, Hand sanitizer, and Face Masks

  • For supplies contact: Donna Dixon (see below "Ordering Office General Supplies")

Medical Records

See GRA Medical Records requests


As of July 25, 2017 the Emergency department is now using the EDIS program for charting. Any consults ie. OT/PT/SW/internal medicine, seen in ER, will now have documentation in the "documents" tab in EPR. Also vital signs for the Apache tab can be found under the "flowsheets" tab in EPR.

"GH-SWAP Location" in EPR

See also Swap Locations

"GH-Surgical Day Care" in EPR

  • For GRA Surgical Day Care we enter GRA WARD. There are several GRA Ambulatory Care Units, such as the Vascular Clinic & Adult Medical Clinic.--Gens 07:17, 2020 June 16 (CDT)


Refer to Grace Hospital Office for phone numbers and address to prevent duplication and mix-ups.

  • the office houses all the Grace database staff i.e. Medicine & ICU
  • the Dorothy Wood Building is a separate building from the main hospital, but is accessible through the tunnel system; the building can be found north of the main hospital, and is adjacent to the north parking lot off Booth Drive
  • keys to the office see: Grace Hospital Office
    • if all else fails, security will allow access if called at 70366


  • our mail should be redirected to the ICU, as we have been denied our own mail slot in the mail room
  • you can have mail =/or supplies redirected to Val Myers in the Home Care Office 2-004
  • the GGH Mail Room (where envelopes to HSC Office go) is now located on the ground floor, down the corridor leading to Cancer Care; requires swipe access outside the hours of 0800-1600

Ordering Office general supplies, printer paper

Alternate ordering supplies from ICU cost center and Medicine cost center. Cost center info has been mailed to your site and should be documented in your office.

  • These are the people who can assist with orders:
    • Donna Dixon, Program Assistant for WRHA Medicine Program Grace Hospital
      • Rm#: ?
      • PHONE: 204-837-0816
      • FAX: 204-837-0585


Confidential Waste

Is collected in a box in the office and then deposited in the shredding receptacle outside the elevator on the second floor for shredding. It is recommended that the office box be emptied weekly as the shredding box only accepts small amounts at a time and the process of feeding it can be quite time consuming. If the paper box is full, please call Housekeeping local 2198 to have it emptied.

Other office information

  • we now have an online printer in the office (see Printer#Table_of_printers_used_by_CCMDB_offices for details)
  • all staff purchase their own Kleenex
  • we have a microwave, coffee maker, kettle, small fridge, and toaster in the office
  • there is a Tim Horton's satellite location located on the first floor just inside the front door by the Foundation offices. Tim cards are accepted at this location. The Northwest Cafe is the hospital cafeteria and is located outside the public elevators on the ground level
  • wireless networking has been installed and is accessible throughout the complex as of November 2015
  • GGH observes "casual Friday" weekly
  • you will not automatically receive site specific emails ie those addressed to GGH employees unless you arrange to have your email address added to the GGH email list via Erva Ritson, Admin Asst. at local 70588
  • Grace Hospital website:
Grace Hospital

Grace Telephone Numbers

  • Phone numbers at the Grace are different depending on if you are dialing from inside or outside the hospital; all numbers begin with the exchange 837 followed by 4 more digits. If accessing from outside the hospital the last 4 digits would begin with the digit 0, if accessed from within, the local would be the same last 3 digits but with a 2 at the beginning
  • for example, our office # is 204-837-0151 if dialed from outside the hospital but our local is 70151 if dialed from within
  • long distance code is 9280
  • voicemail password is kept on the phone housing under the handset, and will need to be updated there if you are prompted to change it

Database Supply Cost Center

See: p:Local Office Supply ordering details.

  • see Ordering office supplies
  • we have an online account for ordering supplies from grand and toy. The user name and password are posted on the office bulletin board

*the supply order catalog and requisitions are kept on top of the filing cabinet; we always check with the other collectors prior to ordering and try to order all we need at once

  • supplies should be delivered to our office; but the office address needs to be selected from a dropdown box on the online ordering page when the order is place
  • returned invoices are kept in a file in the bottom drawer of the set of drawers closest to the window
  • if the supplies are not received in a reasonable time ie within 3 business days, chances are they have taken a detour. The Receiving Department local 70196, can tell you whether the supplies have been received, and will deliver them to you; a signature is required upon receipt; if Receiving denies any knowledge of their existence, supplies may have been delivered to ICU as that is the billing # we use-check with the ward clerk as to whether the items have been received by them

CCMDB Friends

see Grace Hospital Contacts (to consolidate and avoid duplication)

Parking/Facility access contact

see Grace Hospital Contacts


This link takes you to other Grace Hospital site contact

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