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This page is about the "Unknown Service" that first started occurring on Medicine at HSC around October of 2019, and how we collect this.


An extra attending was added, presumably to offload the increased patient load at HSC. This "x attending" will see and admit patients under an "unknown service" in the ER, and these patients will be admitted to contingency or regular medicine ward beds. These patients will usually get assigned to a service sometime during their stay (it may take days), but on occasion, these patients remain under "unknown service" for their entire hospital stay.

Collection process

Patients that show up on EPR Reports as "unknown service" are currently divided up by the HSC Medicine collectors and laptops.

If they are assigned to a service before collection starts, they are collected on that eventual Service/Location's laptop. Boarding Loc is entered if appropriate.

If they remain "unknown service" for some time, collection is eventually started on a laptop, with these patients being "shared" by the HSC Medicine collectors.

Due to staffing vacancies, for now these "unknown service" admissions are either collected on the D4 laptop (if they go to H7B), or the B3/D5 laptop (if they go to B2B).

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Improving how we handle patients eventually assigned to a service

If an "unknown service" patient's data collection is started on one laptop, and they are eventually assigned to the ward collected on a different laptop, then our current setup does not allow us to change the Service/Location to that.

Collectors were asking if it’s possible to have other units (A4, D4 & H4) added to the drop down option of Service/Location. Currently, this would mean collectors need to confirm with each other with Pat ID/Serial number to use, since our D_ID is unique only if site and serial combined are unique. So, adding these options to the dropdown would risk overwriting another patient's data on Centralized.

This problem has been identified for other reasons, see Update of D ID to include a laptop identifier. Ideally, this needs to be implemented, at which point solving this issue will become trivial.

The issue was discussed at Task Meeting 2020-01-29 and deferred to more discussion.

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