High dose chemotherapy as primary admit

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This page is about the pre-ICD10 diagnosis coding schema. See the ICD10 Diagnosis List, or the following for similar diagnoses in ICD10:

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Category: Other Medical (old)


Medical Problem

Main Diagnosis: High Dose Chemotherapy-as primary admit
Sub Diagnosis: HIGH DOSE CHEMOTHERAPY-as primary admit
Diagnosis Code: 86900 - High Dose Chemotherapy-as primary admit
Comorbid Diagnosis:
Charlson Comorbid coding (pre ICD10):
Start Date: Sep 27 2004

High Dose Chemotherapy-as primary admit should be coded only if it is the Primary Admit Diagnosis.

It should not be coded for patients who simply happen to receive chemo during their stay.


This page is listed as an exception in Definition of a Medicine Service admission so I wanted to make sure we include that instruction with the new codes. However, what _is_ the new code for this? Found nothing suitable in CCI Picklist, CCI component 2 codes - what was done, and ICD10 Diagnosis List only has Antineoplastic/chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs, adverse effect which doesn't seem a real match either. In general we would only code the cancer now, right, but this is a bit of a special case, so do we want to treat it separately?

  • AG REPLY -- we don't need this at all and there's no way to code it specifically in ICD10 -- except that such an admission would have the Dx code of the cancer being treated, and the CCI code for the chemotherapy
    • emailed Julie and Trish to make sure they are comfortable with this.
      • Trish, if you are fine with how this is or isn't addressed in ICD10 going fwd, pls remove the tag
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