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  1. What is a WIKI? for more information, go here:WIKI
  2. How to add a discussion or post a question to WIKI. Go here to find: Discussion & Question Instruction
  3. WIKI cheat sheet go here to find: File:WIKI Cheatsheet-en.pdf or go to the official Wiki Cheatsheet.
  4. WIKI tables go here to find: File:Wiki Tables.xls
  5. How to create a WIKI template. Go to: WIKI templates or go to Special:Templates for a list of current templates that are in use on this WIKI.
  6. To find a list of templates currently in use on our WIKI go to: [1]
  7. WIKI editing go to: Editing ** this is for those folks who want more information about editing. Let me know if helpful.
  8. Setting up a new wiki user

Tips and tricks

  1. If you type in- before the searched term in the search box (e.g. in-manager) then the listing doesn't have the article snippet, therefore listing stuff shorter and cleaner.