Minutes Team Meeting June 22, 2011

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Minutes Team Meeting June 22, 2011

  • Crystal Letain, Senior Health Information Analyst with Health Information Services presented on CIHI stroke project.
  • Purpose of collaborating with our database is like a peer audit, to see how good the quality of each of of data is.

What is it?

Canadian stroke Strategy Team & CIHI

  • for more info go to: stroke best practice
  • Mandatory Administrative discharge abstract database. 80% facilities across Canada, 2.6 million records.
    • Started April 1.09
    • WRHA start April 1.10 all facilities


  1. Monitor stroke case delivery
  2. Calculate stroke performance measures
  3. Standardize definitions and coding of stroke

Stats presented in regards to comparison of DAD's with our database.


Crystal will send their collection guidelines for strokes and we will have a look if we can adopt for our data collection.

Central Line Related Blood stream Infection (CLR-BSI) & VAP

Some of the data is showing possible increase in VAP's in some of the ICU's in Region. Not sure if this is due to change in collection practice. QA team reviewing findings and may audit charts.

Other projects

1. HSC ICU QA team would like to reporting of NEW CLR_BSI ASAP when found. Suggestions on how best to do this:

  • a. collectors should notify Brenda Kline by phone or email
  • b. collectors notify Pagasa by email or phone and she email Brenda
    • most collectors only work part time, 4-4 days per week. No weekends or stat days. Vacation periods also mean they are not there daily to monitor and report ASAP CLR_BSI is found.
  • c. Follow STB MICU process where staff and CRN and collector notify unit manager and process in place to investigate case right away along with infection control (Lillian Hall) - (Laura Kolesar or Larissa Nimchonok can provide further details on how STB_MICU monitors and notifies.)
  • meeting required with Brenda Kline to review process HSC ICU wants to try.

2. hand hygiene monitoring 3. smart pump audit for ICU and Med


requested update on stop date. Date to stop July 1.11.

Crosschecking comorbids

  • will raise this a next Task team meeting. The Dat's want to drop having to crosscheck data with each other when patients move from one unit to another within same hosp and to hosps in the city. Comorbids is the biggest issues.
  • If we change practice it affect stats. Julie needs to assess how she would be able to do MOST scores.
  • special project like Septic shock, collectors cannot avoid not communicating with team at site or at other sites.
  • transfer tracker is available on Regional Server, however the Dat's state that they don't find it useful at this time.

Changes underway

  • labs changes for ICU's completed Jan 1.11
  • new repository - long term project next few years. Currently still under planning and design.
  • ICD10 DX code mapping. Person hired to work with Dr. Garland to do the mapping of our DX codes to ICD10 codes. Process started June 2011.
  • pharmacy changes - plan to change to drug classes, and days treated. No doses. This is still being worked on by Dr. Garland.
  • TISS 28 for ICU's. Discussed but no plans. Will review with new ICU nursing director.


Anyone collector who wants to add anything to minutes is welcomes to do so. --TOstryzniuk 18:14, 28 June 2011 (CDT)


  • Reminder NOT to copying the actual timecard template from the Regional Server to a folder on your desktop. If the timecard is updated you will not be using the latest version.
  • Instead: copy the "Shortcut to latest hours sheet1" to a folder on our desktop.
    • Folks are copying the timecard template to different places on their computer. Other keep reusing their previously sent timecard.

How to copy shortcut to latest hours sheet1 to desktop on laptop

  1. On your desktop on your laptop, create a new folder. Name the folder to what ever you want. Example: Jan Doe.
  2. Go to the Regional Server in the DOCUMENTS folder.
  3. COPY: "Shortcut to latest hours sheet1"
  4. Go back to your desktop and open your named folder: Jan Doe, on your desktop.
  5. PASTE
  6. When you click on this shortcut to latest hours sheet1, it will open a copy of the timecard template which is located on the Regional Server in the Documents folder.
  7. enter your hours of work
  8. SAVE entered values in your Jan Doe folder on your desktop.
  9. Open your email and start and NEW email for Pagasa
  10. ATTACH the Latest hours Sheet11.xls to the email. To find your hours to attache you will have to BROWSE to find your Jan Doe folder on our desktop.
  11. SEND to Pagasa.
  12. anyone needs help call Trish or Tina.

You will always link to the most up-to-date timecard if you use the above method.