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We collect data as ward-stays, but we then try to link records together to get data on the complete hospital stay. Prior to this linking the data needs to be checked for incomplete matches and errors.


Processor to complete all PL every day In CFE

  1. open the Patient List
  2. run each "PL_" (Pre-linking) query in the following order:
    1. PL 1orphans - if any found, follow Orphans in Centralized data.mdb
    2. PL_2Phin Fake or Blank - if any found, follow Generating PseudoPHINs
    3. PL_Chart_9_Digit
    4. PL_Diff_Phin_SameLN_FN_DOB
    5. PL_SameCHART_Site_Diff_PHIN
    6. PL_SamePhin_Diff_DOB_Sex
    7. PL_SamePHIN_Site_Diff_chart
  3. if there is an error in any of the queries follow the instructions in Processing errors in patient data to correct them.
  4. After we have corrected all errors, click the PLs box to see if we corrected all the errors. A prompt message "Are you sure you want...", click yes; wait for the message "Query check for queries starting with ... is complete"

Then move on to Populate linking pairs

SMW list of PL queries for reference

Automated list of all PL_ tables for reference, but use above because it is in a specific order   
Data processor.svg

This automatic list includes an PL missing L Tables content - where does it fit in into the order in which you run these above? It is likely a very first thing, right?

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

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