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3rd generation cephalosporins +3rd generation cephalosporins contains manually collected doses of 3rd generation cephalosporins that were given.  +
ADL Bathing +Need for help with bathing; component of [[ADL]].  +
ADL Complete +true when patient ADL data is complete  +
ADL Continence +Control of urination and bowel movements; component of [[ADL]]  +
ADL Dressing +Need for help with dressing; component of [[ADL]].  +
ADL Feeding +Need for help with feeding; component of [[ADL]]  +
ADL Toiletting +Need for help with toiletting; component of [[ADL]]  +
ADL Transfering +Need for help with transferring; component of [[ADL]]  +
AP Dias BP Field +Ap_DiasBP is the diastolic blood pressure.  +
AP Eye field +The eye component of the [[Glasgow_Coma_Scale]].  +
AP Motor field +The motor component of the [[Glasgow_Coma_Scale]].  +
AP Sys BP Field +Ap_SysBP is the systolic blood pressure.  +
AP Verbal field +The verbal component of the [[Glasgow_Coma_Scale]].  +
ARF (APACHE) +The ARF checkbox is checked/true if patient is in Acute Renal Failure as per the APACHE definition.  +
AaDO2 +The patient's Potassium level in mmol/L.  +
Abdominal ultrasound +Contains the number of '''abdominal ultrasounds''' a client has had during an admission to our unit.  +
Accept DtTm field +The date and time when the patient is accepted from the '''ER department ONLY'''.  +
Accept DtTm missing field +checkbox is checked/true when no Accept DtTm is documented for a patient who came from from the ER.  +
Admit Type for APACHE II +Admit type for [[APACHE]]  +
Age +The number of years between [[Date of Birth]] and the last birthday prior to or on ([[Accept DtTm]] if applicable, [[Arrive DtTm]] otherwise).  +
Albumin 25pct +Albumin_25pct contains number of doses of 25% Albumin that were given.  +
Albumin 5pct +Albumin_5pct contains the number of doses of 5% Albumin that were given.  +
Angio coronary field +Angio coronary contained the manually counted number of coronary angiograms done during a stay in our unit, or on the way there.  +
Angio others field +Angio_others contained the manually counted number of non-coronary angiograms done during a stay in our unit, or on the way there.  +
Antipseudomonals +antipseudomonals contains manually collected doses of antipseudomonals that were given.  +