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The following error intermittently shows up for some collectors when using the Close Form button to exit out of the Notes field form (ie the form that opens when you double-click the Notes field):

Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error '-2147352567 (80020009)': The data has been changed.

Run-time error '-2147352567 (8020009)':
The data has been changed

When does this happen?

The error seems to happen if the Notes form is closed when certain Apache fields are not filled out yet.

Some Apache fields are subject to Check APACHE physiological variable high low (if they are in an unlikely range, an entry in Notes is required). For Medicine collectors thisis often the WBC field. It appears that this somehow triggers the error, but I don't understand how and have not been able to fix it. Ttenbergen 10:44, 2019 September 12 (CDT)


  • 2022-05-31 - updated Private Sub Command1_Click() that closes the Notes form to requery the notes field
  • 2019-09-16 - The requery meant that collectors would be booted out of the record and into a blank one each time leaving the notes field - worse than the original bug. So, reverted that change, and bug persists.
  • 2019-09-12 - Joyce demonstrated this is still a problem. Restored the requery, but as a form_view.requery rather than a docmd.requery
  • 2018-10-30 - took out the requery because it was "causing other issues" (there is no record of what issues); after that this is still a problem, but Tina forgot to change this error report for it
  • 2017 sometime - Added a .requery before the code that runs cross checks against the new contents of the notes field.

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