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The s_ICD10_Charlson_Como_patterns table lists the patterns to match to determine which items in the s_ICD10 table and part of the Charlson Comorbidity Index.

Data Structure

field type description
Charlson_condition Text(32) official condition as per media:Charlson ii article page 2 19 items with points.JPG or as per ICD10 matching as provided by Allan Garland.
like_match text condition to match ICD10_code by actual match
range_start text condition to match ICD10_code by range, start of range (>= included)
range_end text condition to match ICD10_code by range, end of range (<= included)


We are using a modified version of Quon's list, changed to accommodate our modified version of ICD10. We combined a few codes to bring down the total number of codes, so any of these combined codes now needed to be included.

As of 2023-04-20 our pattern table is:

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