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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: was eliminated as part of 2016 registry data change.
  • Successor: Previous Location field

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Legacy info as of 2016-07-01

Var 1 was used track the specific ward a patient was admitted from within the same center. If a patient is admitted from a ward outside your hospital, leave Var 1 blank.

Possible values are listed in the dropdown box in the CCMDB.mdb, which is driven by the S varOptions table.

If the specific ward you are admitting from is not available on this list use "OTH".

The statistician used to use this variable to detect patients with a continuous hospital stay.

OTH entry

OTH mean - other ward in your OWN hospital that is not on your dropped down list for Var 1 or 2.

  • if you must list OTH, please list here, what ward you are missing within your own hospital and Tina can add it to the list.

Wards where we don't collect

The Var1/2 data is collected to allow us to match ward admissions into a continuous stay record, where the "to" and "from" fields should match the location fields in the counterpart records.

CCMDB Data Integrity Checks

Any patient who is admitted to a ward at the same hospital must have Var 1 entered.

  • implemented by function AdFrom_Var1_reconcile()

Data Use

Used for Category: Multiple Encounter linking

Data Structure

See Category:Variable_codes_1_to_6 for details

Start/Stop Dates

  • Start:
    • Medicine: ages ago
    • ICU: 2014-Dec-18
  • Stop:
    • 2016-07-01

Legacy Data ICU


  • OBS - Tags an ICU patient at CON who is in the observation unit in the ER (emergency department) while under ICU attending care. Concordia ICU patients has frequently sent ICU patients to the telemetry unit in their ER while still under ICU attending care. TOTAL tagged: 6.
  • Start Date: Jul 2006
  • Stop Date: July 2007

Comanaged patients

  • C - Co-managed patients. Cardiology & ICU attending looking after a patient in MICU.
  • Was used at HSC and STB only, starting ???, ending ??? 2008


We have CC entries with Var 1 "M" from 1998 - 2003; what are they? Ttenbergen 13:17, 2014 December 5 (CST)

  • Trish thinks this might be medical type, can't remember details... Ttenbergen 19:37, 2014 December 17 (CST)

P1, P2, P3, P4

Used between: 1988-1995

  • We have CC entries with Var 1 =
    • P1 - pharmacy data collection combined under ONE encounter
    • P2 - no study drugs during admission
    • P3 - lost drug profile
    • P4 - needs review to verify that no drugs were given during ICU admission