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Sometimes Cognos EPR Report contains info on units or services that never happened. Some of these are Patient record or move shows in Cognos but not in EPR, but sometimes the service or location info may remain incorrect in EPR as well.

Example as per Pam: <quote>Occasionally a patient will be electronically placed in a computer location the patient was never physically located. One example I can think of this occurrence was an MICU patient transferred from ER to MICU but had a swing bed entry to IMCU with a date and time between ER and MICU. The patient did not go to IMCU but cognos is capturing these entries. </quote>

  • Should collectors just totally wing it for these? Enter what seems right when they review the chart? Or do we need to be more consistent and deliberate about it? Ttenbergen 11:58, 2020 December 2 (CST)
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