"No Transfer Date" in Medicine

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Legacy only. This data was replaced as part of the 2016 Time and Place changes. See TR info status field.

We want to have a cross check in medicine that all absent transfer dates are really unavailable rather than forgotten.


For each medicine patient who requires a transfer date (see Transfer Ready date and time) for whom the collector could not even reasonably guess a transfer date and time, enter into Tmp:

  • Project:: No Transfer Date
  • no other fields in tmp need entering for this project


Provide a way for collector to verify that they did not miss entering in this field.

We also want to give a basic report to Dr Roberts.

Why are we not collecting more detailed data in this

Because this is enough information for our purposes. :-)

CCMDB Data Integrity Checks

Any medicine patient who requires a transfer date as per Transfer Ready date and time needs to have a transfer date or this tmp entry. If missing, won't be able to send. If there is a tmp entry but a transfer date, won't be able to send either.

query check_tmp_no_transfer_date

Start/End dates

  • Started date Feb 29.14
  • End Date: 2016-07-01