2016 Time and Place changes

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Our current system of collecting admit and discharge information is convoluted because it has slowly evolved and never really been updated since the start of collection. We have looked at all the fields involved (incl. concepts like "AMA") and are planning to implement a new system sometime next year. Please have a look at the new system below. We are looking forward to comments. If you see something that will be ambiguous or likely unavailable during your collection, make sure you let us know. Like all changes this will cause some disruption. As you review it, try to think of it from the perspective of a new collector you are training. We are hoping that, from that perspective at least, the new system will be clearer than the old. Many of the fields will draw from the S dispo table.

CCMDB 2015 timePlace.png


The following fields are being introduced as part of this change:

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