2020-06 s dispo table cleanup

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This page describes what was done during the cleanup of the S dispo table and S locations allowed collection table started 2020-06-05.


We needed to make sure that entries were never used in either Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field, Previous Location, Service/Location or Dispo.

The following query was used. It takes a good long while to run. Don't even try it without filtering for a specific unit first.   

SELECT s_dispo.location_name, s_dispo.active, s_locations_allowed_collection.Laptop_identifier, Count(pa.D_ID) AS pa, Count(p.D_ID) AS p, Count(sl.D_ID) AS sl, Count(d.D_ID) AS d, sl.RecordStatus FROM ((((s_dispo LEFT JOIN s_locations_allowed_collection ON s_dispo.location_name = s_locations_allowed_collection.ServiceLocation) LEFT JOIN L_Log AS sl ON s_dispo.dispo_ID = sl.Service_Location) LEFT JOIN L_Log AS p ON s_dispo.dispo_ID = p.Previous_Location) LEFT JOIN L_Log AS d ON s_dispo.dispo_ID = d.Dispo) LEFT JOIN L_Log AS pa ON s_dispo.dispo_ID = pa.Pre_admit_Inpatient_Institution WHERE (((s_dispo.s_location)=True)) GROUP BY s_dispo.location_name, s_dispo.active, s_locations_allowed_collection.Laptop_identifier, sl.RecordStatus;

entries with s_location = true but no entry in allowed table

The following had entries in S dispo table with s_location = true, but no corresponding entry in the allowed table. This means they were not available to enter.

  • STB_B5a - 0 entries, deleted
  • STB_E5a - 1 entry, STB_E5a-880
  • Emailed Pagasa to change STB_E5a-880 one to service location STB_E5 so we can delete the STB_E5 entry. Ttenbergen 14:22, 2020 June 5 (CDT)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Records that had been added but were never used

Some of these were added during covid move confusion.

The following records had no corresponding entries at all. They were entirely deleted from the table:

  • The pages behind the following links should probably be deleted, since there are no entries for them; however, at least some of them are linked from other places, so those links need to be cleaned up as well...
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
  • HSC_H7_MI
  • HSC_H7_SI
  • HSC_A7_MI
  • HSC_A7_SI
  • HSC_B2_C
  • HSC_MS3_C

older, not part of covid move confusion

  • STB_A5

added for workload sharing at some point, but not used, and no longer needed now:

  • STB_B5d
  • STB_E5b
  • STB_E6bB
  • STB_E6dB
  • STB_IMCd

changes in preparation for no longer using letter ending entries for workload sharing

Set s_location to true on existing record which was present because this was already a Previous Location and Dispo entry. Added to S locations allowed collection table.


  • HSC_H7 - no entries with this as Service/Location and not allowed, but has dispo entries, changed to be s_location = false

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