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The S_dispo table in CCMDB.accdb contains the possible values for the following fields:

Data Structure

field type description
dispo_ID text unique ID
location_name text name as seen by collector
real_collection text unit name as collected by us, e.g. HSC_MICU vs HSC_MICa; this is used to link the Previous Location/Dispo to Service/Location
real_name text unit name as reported, e.g. STB_ICMU vs STB_MICU
site text our short hospital name, eg HSC
ward text ward name only, e.g. A1 for HSC_A1
hospital text hospital if one where we collect
loc_type text S dispo.loc type
geog text(20) geographical area (in town, out of province, etc)
geoRegion text(17) geographical region
MB_RHA text(7) regional health authority the institution is administered by
notes text general notes about record
question text questions while we implement, can be deleted after
inpatient yes/no is an inpatient location, used by Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field drop-down and cross checks
previous_location yes/no can be used as Previous Location field
surgical yes/no is a location where actual surgeries happpen (used by e.g. Check ORDx) (ie not just a surgical ward)
meanLOS3STD integer used by LOS check
s_location yes/no can be used as location
dispo yes/no can be used in Dispo field
active yes/no logical delete from dropdowns
acuity_level yes/no logical delete from dropdowns
program text CC or Med, used for rows where real_name is one of our locations only
colour text colour code for patient list view
center long integer chronological order sequence of the site and ward used in generating report (e.g. teaching hospitals first followed by community hospitals)

Inactivating locations

Before inactivating a location, make sure that it is not used in any incomplete profiles.

Before inactivating any entry, check Query z_s_dispo_inactivatable to make sure it is not currently used in any incomplete records (RecordStatus incomplete).

We can occasionally check query Query z_s_dispo_lastUsed for entries that have not been used in a long time. If it is never used it may be an entry we no longer need, but it may also just be an entry that is rarely used.


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  • 2022-04-21 - updated s_dispo table.meanLOS3STD with data from Julie
  • 2022-03-24 - removed field "service_type" since it's no longer used; as discussed at task around 2022-02-03

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