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The S_dispo table in CCMDB.accdb contains the possible values for the following fields:

Data Structure

field type description
dispo_ID text unique ID
location_name text name as seen by collector
real_collection text unit name as collected by us, e.g. HSC_MICU vs HSC_MICa; this is used to link the Previous Location/Dispo to Service/Location
real_name text unit name as reported, e.g. STB_ICMU vs STB_MICU
site text our short hospital name, eg HSC
ward text ward name only, e.g. A1 for HSC_A1
hospital text hospital if one where we collect
loc_type text S dispo.loc type
geog text geographical area (in town, out of province, etc)
MB_RHA text regional health authority the institution is part of
notes text general notes about record
question text questions while we implement, can be deleted after
inpatient yes/no is an inpatient location, used by Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field drop-down and cross checks
previous_location yes/no can be used as Previous Location field
surgical yes/no is a location where actual surgeries happpen (used by e.g. Check ORDx) (ie not just a surgical ward)
meanLOS3STD integer used by LOS check
s_location yes/no can be used as location
dispo yes/no can be used in Dispo field
active yes/no logical delete from dropdowns
acuity_level yes/no logical delete from dropdowns
program text CC or Med, used for rows where real_name is one of our locations only
colour text colour code for patient list view
service_type text S dispo.service type
center long integer chronological order sequence of the site and ward used in generating report (e.g. teaching hospitals first followed by community hospitals)

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