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See Log (disambiguation) for other uses of the term "Log". See the Development Documentation Category for other development logs. See Rolling out changes for the process of rolling out changes. See also requested CCMDB changes for the next version and CCMDB.accdb Data Integrity Checks.


Change for next version:

future update

Swiss Army Knife.svg
  • Why is the repeat check for Cognos email in VBA not working?
    • Maybe the wait time was too short. We also updated the task today to run at a later time. Let's see if that fixes it. Ttenbergen 17:40, 2020 September 23 (CDT)
  • see error log in this article, go to: Cognos data import
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:56, 2020 September 24 (CDT)

  • For some reason option "Doctor's office" for Accept Loc Park in s_tmp table had been changed to "Doctors office". This caused errors, so retired the "Doctors" version and re-added a "Doctor's" entry.


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:39, 2020 September 23 (CDT) accidentally overwrote v2020-09-22 so re-doing it.


rolled out! Trish Ostryzniuk 15:05, 2020 September 1 (CDT)

  • s_dispo table, checked off ACTIVE for HSC A3S stepdown.


was rolled out last night Ttenbergen 09:27, 2020 August 31 (CDT)

  • tweaks to the function that requeries open forms when Cognos-related data is updated or entered.
  • tweaks to New Pt Serial helper form / Cognos Admitter to improve default populating of location, which was often blank before.


rolled out earlier this morning Changes Collectors probably don't care about


rolled out Ttenbergen 08:58, 2020 August 25 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:15, 2020 August 21 (CDT)

  • updated Cognos integrator query to include EMIPs properly, they were not being included because they don't have a unit arrive date, so comparing them with entries on the excluded list also excluded them. Ttenbergen 10:11, 2020 August 21 (CDT)


not rolled yet Ttenbergen 07:56, 2020 August 17 (CDT)

to do: deferred delivery, troubleshoot why it sets time to 2 hours in future.


rolled out Ttenbergen 18:12, 2020 August 16 (CDT)

  • re-imported old send functions since the new ones break things:
    • send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate
    • Send_Centralized_L_CCI_Component__intermediate
    • Send_Centralized_L_CCI_Picklist__intermediate
    • Send_Centralized_L_ICD10__intermediate
    • Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet__intermediate
    • Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2__intermediate
    • send_PHI


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:34, 2020 August 14 (CDT)

  • updated Function make_D_ID to not use new version at all yet, date tbd Ttenbergen 12:34, 2020 August 14 (CDT)


rolled out with new data this morning Ttenbergen 12:34, 2020 August 14 (CDT) Changes collectors probably don't need to know about

  • minor tweak to how exclude button works.
  • cognos importer
    • tweaked how it finds the most recent email from Chastity, the date part of the filter was wrong syntax
    • fixed automatic sending of email to collectors
  • Update of D ID exclude service/location
    • updated Function make_D_ID wrongly to start using new format for all after Aug 10
    • updated send_* queries that use this:
      • send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate
      • Send_Centralized_L_CCI_Component__intermediate
      • Send_Centralized_L_CCI_Picklist__intermediate
      • Send_Centralized_L_ICD10__intermediate
      • Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet__intermediate
      • Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2__intermediate
      • send_PHI
  • deleted old test query Send_Centralized_1L_Log_update_tester since it wouldn't open properly when trying to change it Ttenbergen 16:48, 2020 August 13 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:11, 2020 August 12 (CDT)

  • tweaked the Accept_Dtm_equiv field in Cognos:
    • it will now always show the IPAdmit_Dtm
    • you can click it in Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT to populate
    • since I wasn't able to determine from data which pts are from ER, so it won't populate automatically from Cognos Admitter any more
  • tweaked the forms updating that happens after certain cognos transactions to return to the same spot on the form to also restore same sort and filter Ttenbergen 15:14, 2020 August 12 (CDT)
  • tweaked Cognos data importer to only look for a file from within the last 24hrs, so it picks the right one if there are several in the inbox. Ttenbergen 15:50, 2020 August 12 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:43, 2020 August 12 (CDT)

  • re-enabled the requerying for cognos forms. Ttenbergen 10:03, 2020 August 12 (CDT) and fixed the attempt to come back to the same line. Ttenbergen 10:42, 2020 August 12 (CDT)
  • tweaked the Accept_Dtm_equiv field in Cognos to show a date if the ER Discharge time is with in 5 minutes of Unit start Dtm; I had assumed these would be actually equal, but at least at some sites they are not. This may need to be tweaked to > 5 min later; Collectors, please let me know if some who should have Accept DtTm still don't!


not rolled out yet Ttenbergen 09:31, 2020 August 12 (CDT)

  • disabled incomplete update to code that was rolled out with Cognos Data. Ttenbergen 09:31, 2020 August 12 (CDT)


was rolled out with latest Cognos Data this morning Ttenbergen 09:31, 2020 August 12 (CDT)

  • tweaked Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT so posting the end dtm will refresh the cognos list, since it might cut off the tail end of the list if there are multiple records for this pt.


not rolled yet Ttenbergen 10:07, 2020 August 7 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:48, 2020 August 7 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:14, 2020 August 6 (CDT)


not rolled yet Ttenbergen 14:33, 2020 August 5 (CDT)

  • inactivated "GRA_N5a" and "s_locations_allowed_collection" in S dispo table,


rolled out Ttenbergen 11:38, 2020 August 5 (CDT)

  • in Cognos Admitter, tweaked how the "+" button works to only apply Accept DtTm when appropriate. Ttenbergen 11:34, 2020 August 5 (CDT)


rolled out

  • made all currently collected locations available for both GRA Med Laptops.


rolled out Ttenbergen 08:22, 2020 August 5 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 21:57, 2020 July 30 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:55, 2020 July 29 (CDT)

  • Cognos Admitter
    • "+" button for previously deleted patients should no longer be grayed out (removed conditional formatting rule "[recordstatus]="deleted"" that made new record entry grayed out for patients that had been previously deleted) - if there are still patients you can't enter, please email me with details Ttenbergen 10:52, 2020 July 29 (CDT)
    • added a button at the right end of the line that will open Previous_entry form
  • made Previous_entry form which show previous entries of a patient (deleted or still active) Ttenbergen 09:37, 2020 July 29 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 21:25, 2020 July 28 (CDT)

Changes collectors will probably want to know about:

bottom, to be consistent with the layout at the top

Changes collectors probably don't care about:

  • deleted unused "query Cognos_FormQuery", cognos_tmp table


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:03, 2020 July 23 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:

Changes collectors might not care about:

  • changed the "MR copy-paste" button to open the query in read-only mode. Turns out it was possible to accidentally delete a bunch of records by cutting instead of copying in that list. Ttenbergen 15:02, 2020 July 23 (CDT)
  • correction to query check_ICD10_Comorbids_Dx_present, it wasn't triggering when no comorbids had been entered Ttenbergen 22:45, 2020 July 23 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 18:36, 2020 July 13 (CDT)

  • tweak to Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT - error when populating from previous unit with location that can't be Pre-admit Inpatient Institution; now gives specific message
  • tweak to tmp edit form; form will now not open unless both project and item have been entered (it was giving errors for some projects when both values are not entered together)Ttenbergen 17:10, 2020 July 13 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:25, 2020 July 9 (CDT)

  • retired STB_A7_B from the s_dispo table after email from Pam that last record from there has been processed.
  • edited query Cognos_Admitter_FormQuery which drives the list for Cognos Admitter - it was wrongly excluding some patients who already had a record on the laptop
  • removed gray-out condition "Nz([Dispo_DtTm],#2999-12-31#)<[AsgnUnitStartDtm_Current]" from the "+" button in Cognos Admitter; this may cause records to be listed with a plus that should not be, but I will need to figure that out another time


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:53, 2020 July 2 (CDT)

  • fixed New Pt Serial helper form - a previous change had stopped the default populating of the service location field; also added a check to make sure the field is not blank, since a blank field was causing non-descript errors


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:07, 2020 July 2 (CDT) Changes Collectors will want to know about:

Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:16, 2020 June 30 (CDT)

  • Changed New_Pt_Serial_helper form to always use the next higher Pat_ID/Serial for whole laptop (one pool) rather than per location (see Facilitated Management of Serial numbers)
  • Cognos Discharger
    • hiding sent, deleted and patients (not yet those who have dispo and dispo dttm as some of that is helpful to track incomplete patients)
    • added ToLoc summary
  • Cognos Admitter
    • updated so excluded patients are actually excluded, this was not working in most recent version
  • Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT
    • added To(summary) field
    • changed equiv previous so it populates pre-admit inpt location in addition to previous location (easier to delete where not correct than to add manually)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:04, 2020 June 29 (CDT) Changes collectors probably want to know about:

  • TISS form audit is over, disabled
  • changed Cognos Admitter
    • no longer include the color legends box in ctrl-f find (a search would have included the text in it and so would not have properly found a patient with a last name equal to any parts of the words in the legend - changed the color legend to "disabled" to fix)
    • changed the buttons to be "O" for open and "+" for adding a new record; this was necessary because sometimes something needs to be added to an existing record, and sometimes a new record needs to be added, so single button wasn't good enough
  • renamed the "view excludeds" button to "View exclusions" button

Changes collectors probably don't want to think about:

  • changed tmp form so it doesn't do a full re-query after entering something; this meant having to click on dropdowns twice or more.


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:14, 2020 June 26 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:40, 2020 June 19 (CDT)

  • in Cognos Discharger
    • fixed the binoc button, it was still looking for the old field name


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:49, 2020 June 19 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 11:51, 2020 June 18 (CDT)

  • Cognos EPR Report (ie affects all Cognos data)
    • fixed a problem in the general patient list that would have excluded patients who don't have a unit end date
  • Cognos Admitter
    • confirmed that filter-by-service and filter-by-unit would show patients who are not entered yet
    • limit list so it only shows the first Attending, rather than showing a line each time attending changes
    • fixed a problem in the general patient list that would have excluded patients who don't have a unit end date


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:03, 2020 June 18 (CDT)

  • Cognos Admitter
    • filtered list for program and hospital
    • fixed filter-by-service error "Enter Parameter Value"


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:12, 2020 June 17 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 08:49, 2020 June 17 (CDT)

An earlier version introduced Cognos_SubServices table but didn't document this


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:09, 2020 June 12 (CDT)

  • in s_dispo table / S locations allowed collection table:
    • changed dropdown location for STB_E6_B on S5
    • changed "ward" column for STB E6 C to "E6_C" as requested by Julie
    • inactivated "STB_E6aB" and STB_E6_C
  • Cognos in general:
    • the concept of previous location in Cognos is confusing because they treat ER fundamentally different than wards/units. Made a field "FromLoc" that tries to make sense of this; set this to list anyone who doesn't have a previous unit as coming from ER. These will show up in Cognos Admitter and Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT. Please let me know if you find some where this is wrong!
    • changed listings for unit and service end dtms so they are blank when they are filled with today's date only to avoid nulls; If you still see today dates without times for service or unit end dtms, let me know
  • in Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT:
    • changed filter for Cognos records listed here to only include those with same Visit Admit DtTm field; this will still list more than needed, but at least will exclude previous or later admissions from this view.
    • changed order of Cognos records to be listed by Unit Start Dtm (~ our Arrive DtTm), descending
  • in Cognos Admitter
    • added from location (which is not really same as previous location)
    • fixed patient filter functionality so it filters to and un-filters from properly when clicking on patient name
  • in Cognos Discharger
    • fixed filter to list pt if either Service or Unit have end dtm (before it missed a bunch)
    • made default sort order by unit end dtm, descending


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:56, 2020 June 11 (CDT)


was rolled out with newest cognos data this morning Ttenbergen 10:56, 2020 June 11 (CDT)


rolled outTtenbergen 14:05, 2020 June 9 (CDT)


rolling updates for this morning

  • tweaked the filter for discharger that looks for presence of end time


not rolled yet Ttenbergen 16:03, 2020 June 5 (CDT)

  • made inactive the following in s_dispo table and removed from S locations allowed collection table since no longer used
  • made available in allowed collections:
    • GRA_S3 for G8 laptop
  • made STB_E5d unavailable - removed from allowed and inactivated in dispo
  • made STB_E5 available for S4 laptop (old d laptop)


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:25, 2020 June 5 (CDT)

  • fixed corruption in query L_Log_ownerCheck_maker


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:25, 2020 June 5 (CDT) (10 min before) Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:00, 2020 June 5 (CDT)

Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:57, 2020 June 5 (CDT)

  • in Cognos Admitter
    • added "view excludeds" button
    • set up sorting for unit arrival dtm


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:41, 2020 June 4 (CDT)

  • added additional options for new instructions for TISS form audit Ttenbergen 13:37, 2020 June 4 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:18, 2020 June 3 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:32, 2020 June 3 (CDT) Changes collectors should know about:

Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 22:23, 2020 June 2 (CDT)

  • for Cognos in general: changed how HSC B2 is treated by Cognos tools to make it match that ward
  • in Cognos Admitter:
    • changed the filter to not exclude sent and deleted patients from the list
    • made separate query field for "deleted"
    • changed the button background conditional format so it's dark gray for deleted records
    • changed the binoc button so it adds the unit arrival dtm to EPR Admit DtTm field

Changes collectors don't need to know about:

  • deleted "HSC D2 C" from s_dispo table - it is not used in any complete or incomplete record so we don't need to keep it.


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:42, 2020 May 29 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:35, 2020 May 28 (CDT)

  • added HSC_D5 to Boarding Loc
  • changed sort order for Cognos Admitter to sort by chart present, then unit (new), then chart, then service start time; I can tweak the default further, talk to me, and I can also add sorting options to headings (again, tell me which)
  • changed Cognos Visit Admit DtTm to derive from their HospEntryDtm, not their inpatient startDtTm


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:00, 2020 May 27 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:20, 2020 May 27 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:35, 2020 May 27 (CDT)

  • fixing the EPR Integrator Null error - updated query 'sL_EPR_Logs_FormQuery' do deal with Nulls, no idea why that wouldn't have come up before.
  • fix to query 'Cognos_Admitter_FormQuery'


rolled out Ttenbergen Ttenbergen 10:15, 2020 May 27 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen

  • various fixes to last night's roll-out


rolled out Ttenbergen 00:08, 2020 May 27 (CDT) Changes collectors need to know about:

Changes collectors probably don't care about:

  • removed old table "s_como draws from s_allDx & L_settings via query" which never contained data and was just there as an explanation
  • updated query send_set_oLog_to_sent to work right with Laptop identifier being part of D_IDs now; it wasn't allowing sending when same site and service location are being used at same time on different laptops


rolled out Ttenbergen 07:49, 2020 May 25 (CDT) Changes collectors don't need to know about:

  • changed send process to use goto rather than resume on send_check_centralized_is_owner error Ttenbergen 07:49, 2020 May 25 (CDT)


was rolled out this morning at 07:45 Ttenbergen 07:49, 2020 May 25 (CDT)

Changes Collectors should care about:

Changes collectors might care about:

  • made visible the dispo wizard/filter button for the dispo field; this is the same as the buttons for the pre-admit inpt location and previous location; button has been there for long time but for some reason was invisible

Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:17, 2020 May 20 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:07, 2020 May 6 (CDT)

  • further work on Cognos Report Integrator but need futher tweaks to the data I received.
  • Project Accept Loc Park:
    • added following:
      • CON - UC
      • OAK - UC
      • VIC - UC
    • deactivated the following:
      • CON - ER
      • OAK - ER


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:46, 2020 April 28 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:36, 2020 April 27 (CDT)

  • added ability to enter as Pre-admit Inpatient Institution for a bunch of the new COVID locations, I forgot when I first set them up Ttenbergen 16:14, 2020 April 27 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 20:56, 2020 April 26 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:

  • The following change should make sending a lot quicker, so if you notice that there is probably nothing wrong:


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:48, 2020 April 24 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:23, 2020 April 17 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:30, 2020 April 16 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:47, 2020 April 16 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:28, 2020 April 16 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 11:27, 2020 April 15 (CDT)

  • fixed number generator for "Add Patient with Serial Helper" button
  • tweaked wording for question during sending that asks if you are connected to a network cable to "Is your laptop or docking station physically connected to a network cable?"; hopefully it's clear now, if not please suggest further wording change.
  • tweaked availability of service locations


rolled out Ttenbergen 21:20, 2020 April 14 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:24, 2020 April 14 (CDT)

Changes collectors probably won't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:47, 2020 April 9 (CDT)

Changes collectors probably don't need to know:

  • removed Overstay button and code relating to it; this got rid of a lot of code, queries etc but should have no effect on collectors
  • another tweak to STB_E6_C in S dispo table
  • fixed an overflow bug when adding a new patient that was introduced by the send changes in recent updateTtenbergen 13:45, 2020 April 9 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 21:33, 2020 April 8 (CDT)

  • tweaked s_dispo table re COVID ward moves as per email from Julie, just naming tweaks for columns not visible to collectors.


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:02, 2020 April 8 (CDT)

Things collectors should know about:

  • added to s_dispo table to accommodate COVID ward moves:
  • tons of tweaking to the routines that make a new record to clean up an old mess I came across that stopped some changes we are working on; should not have any visible effect but if making new records acts up, let me know. Ttenbergen 23:33, 2020 April 7 (CDT)

Things collectors don't need to know:


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:51, 2020 April 6 (CDT)

  • added all HSC Med locations to all HSC Med laptop in S locations allowed collection table to allow following of patients as they are moved around. Ttenbergen 15:19, 2020 April 7 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:51, 2020 April 6 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:24, 2020 April 5 (CDT)


only provided to specific people for testing for now


only provided to specific people for testing for now

  • added a step to sending where user confirms whether they are connected to LAN cable or docking station; wifi will no longer be disabled during sending unless people are docked or tethered. Ttenbergen 10:09, 2020 April 3 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:05, 2020 April 1 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 12:21, 2020 March 30 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:54, 2020 March 29 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:40, 2020 March 24 (CDT)


was rolled

  • re-did name changes as per 2020-03-20 since I overwrote them with what Julie sent.


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:55, 2020 March 22 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 22:33, 2020 March 19 (CDT)

  • Behind the scenes changes that are probably not interesting to collectors:


rolled out Ttenbergen 00:37, 2020 March 19 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 11:49, 2020 March 18 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:45, 2020 March 16 (CDT)

  • reset testing sending


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:49, 2020 March 15 (CDT)


Rolled out Ttenbergen 10:05, 2020 March 12 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:02, 2020 March 11 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:03, 2020 March 5 (CST)


not rolled yet Ttenbergen 15:04, 2020 March 3 (CST)

Partial roll-out to only Michelle (H4) and Iris (H5) Ttenbergen 12:57, 2020 March 4 (CST)

  • deleted ancient s_locations_local table that would have been unused since the 2016 location changes
  • in Main Form (CCMDB.accdb), changed the entry at the top right to show the laptop identifier rather than the old laptop location
  • deleted old query 111
  • Update of D ID to include a laptop identifier - added Laptop identifier to D_ID:
    • query Send_Centralized_1L_Log_update - no update needed or done
    • query send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate - new D_ID format
    • query Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet__intermediate - new D_ID format
    • query Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2__intermediate - new D_ID format
    • query Send_Centralized_L_ICD10__intermediate - new D_ID format
    • query Send_Centralized_1L_Log_append - now draws from ...intermediate
    • queries Send_Centralized_*_delete - confirmed no update needed or done
    • queries Send_Centralized_*_update - confirmed no update needed or done
    • queries Send_Centralized_*_append - confirmed no update needed or done
    • query send_PHI - new D_ID format
  • cleanup
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_CCI__intermediate that was remnant from early CCI setup
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet__intermediate
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_append
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_delete
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_update
    • deleted query L Labs total
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Dxs__intermediate
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Como__intermediate
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_CCI_deleteSend_Centralized_L_Como_delete
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Como_delete
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_delete
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_CCI_update
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Como_update
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_update
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_CCI_append
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Como_append
    • deleted query Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_append


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:03, 2020 March 3 (CST)

  • changes to s_locations_allowed_collection table to accommodate new Laptop identifier
  • updated query s_serviceLocation_local to use the new function Laptop_identifier() instead of the old Hosp() Loc() combination
  • deleted form "s_locations_allowed_collection" which was likely automatically and accidentally added at some point, but isn't used
  • changed sending function to start using laptop location for PHI file names
  • changed function Global.LaptopLocation to Global.Laptop_identifier for consistency with new setup and to make sure things break loudly if something is forgotten. Ttenbergen 17:06, 2020 March 1 (CST)
  • upsdated S laptops table Ttenbergen 14:12, 2020 March 2 (CST)
  • removed button to access s_dispo chooser - it was never fully implemented, and isn't working, and no one has complained about it since it was set up in 2016, so I guess the functionality is not needed.


This wasn't rolled out so much as it will be introduced as I change laptops to the new Laptop identifier. Done by Fri 2020-02-28

  • changed sending functionality to use A Info table field_name "Laptop_Identifier" for file path for sending. Ttenbergen 09:35, 2020 February 27 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 20:37, 2020 February 23 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:58, 2020 February 3 (CST)


Rolled out. Ttenbergen 13:05, 2020 January 30 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:43, 2020 January 16 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:57, 2020 January 2 (CST)

  • removed the temporary query that changes lowercase incompletes to uppercase Ttenbergen 09:57, 2020 January 2 (CST)