Automatic Generation of TMP entries

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CCMDB.mdb will automatically enter Tmp lines if the entry in s_tmp

  • applies to this Site
  • applies to this Program
  • active = true
  • auto_add_at_patient_creation = true

Further, the program can programmatically enter values for s_tmp entries. If we want to restrict ability to edit those, auto_cant_add_manually and/or auto_cant_edit can be set.

s_tmp table table usage

  • auto_add_at_patient_creation - if true then the line is auto-added at patient creation time if applicable for a laptop's Site and Program
  • auto_cant_add_manually - entry can't be added manually, ie. will show up in dropdowns
  • auto_cant_edit - entry will not be visible in tmp tab to be edited manually


  • Sub add_automatic_tmp_entries
  • query s_tmp__auto_record_adder

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