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The Critical Care and Medicine Database has a flexible method of quickly adding additional values required for temporary Projects.

Collection instructions

For a list of projects we have collected and their collection instructions, see Projects.

For a quick link to the wiki pages of current TMP projects in CCMDB:

  • open the Patient Viewer Tab Tmp in CCMDB.accdb
  • enter the line of the project you need
  • click the "edit" button
  • this opens a window, with project-specific labels for the fields (e.g. how is the date used in this project) and a blue link to the corresponding wiki page for that project

Storage as attribute-value groups

For info about the data model of tmp project collection, see Entity–attribute–value model of the L Tmp V2 table

Automatic Generation of TMP entries

To make it easier for collectors to know what projects are currently collected, starting entries for projects that require an entry for every profile (possibly at a given site/program) are automatically created at profile creation through Automatic Generation of TMP entries.

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