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The Critical Care and Medicine Database has a flexible method of quickly adding additional values required for temporary Projects.

Collection instructions

For a list of projects we have collected and their collection instructions, see Projects.

For a quick link to the wiki pages of current TMP projects in CCMDB:

  • open the Patient Viewer Tab Tmp in CCMDB.accdb
  • enter the line of the project you need
  • click the "edit" button
  • this opens a window, with project-specific labels for the fields (e.g. how is the date used in this project) and a blue link to the corresponding wiki page for that project

Storage as attribute-value groups

Adding an actual new field to our database is not trivial, so in to get maximum flexibility our temporary project data is stored in attribute-value groups rather than in new fields for each project. The L TmpV2 table stores the data.

  • L TmpV2.project stores the project (or attribute name); there is no tight convention; but a lot of projects only need one entry but some need more, and for those two similarly named project entries will be used.
  • L TmpV2.item contains the value for that project
  • there are also a boolean, integer, real and notes field in each record of L TmpV2 that can be used to store additional data

The project and item fields are limited to entries in S tmp table, which are supplied in a drop-down.

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