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  • Explanation: June 25, 2019, ICU unit was closed.
  • June 3, 2019, ER unit converted to Urgent care
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The ICU is located on the main floor of the hospital. Concordia has a 5 bed Surgical/Medical/Cardiac

Keys are obtained from Security.

Concordia Contacts

see Concordia Hospital Contacts

Concordia Collection Guide

See also Identifying ICU admissions

The log book is kept on the desk in ICU near the clerk. The clerk is responsible for filling it out. It contains enough to fill in the minimal required data set.

The "TISS" binder is kept on the main desk by the ward clerk. As well, the clerks will put all the TISS sheets for discharged patients in this binder for the collector to retrieve. Extra TISS and green sheets are kept in the filing cabinet shared by PACU and MICU.

Medical records is located on the ground floor. Rhonda at the main desk will retrieve charts at the time that they are requested by providing the name of the patient,MRN,discharge date and the doctor.If thinnings are required you need to request them at the time you order the chart. Charts must be signed out in the Medical Records log book located on the main counter. In the Log book one enters the date, MRN of chart reviewed, name of data collector, Dept. or reason for review and then dates and initials when the chart is returned. Charts can not be taken out of the department. There are three cubicles in Medical Records which data collectors may use to review charts. Two of the cubicles have computers for accessing labs and diagnostic imaging on EPR gateway.Charts are returned to Sandra Lopez's desk which is adjacent to the three cubcles. Death charts are returned to Kim at the death desk behind Rhonda's desk.It's best to do the unassembled death charts first.

Chart thinnings

ICU has binders of thinnings for long stay patients. They are kept in brown cupboard beside the rounds cart in ICU. Old charts are kept in same cupboard. The surgical floor generally leave ICU charting/forms in the charts. The medical floors will often thin out the ICU flow sheets. They are kept in drawers on the medical floors...just ask the clerk for them.Occasionally chart thinnings are sent to medical records even though the patient is still an inpatient. They are not sent back up to the wards and in that case you may need to look at the thinnings in medical records.

Green sheets and Tiss sheets

Extra green sheets and TISS sheets are kept in the shared file cabinet between ICU and PACU

Transfers to and from the Conc wards

There are no internal medicine wards at this site, so we don't data collect on the wards at the Conc. You don't need to specify which ward the patient came from or went to, just put "Con Ward".

Transfers from the wards via ER

See Parked in ER


not collecting EMIP's at this site.

inpatients go from ward to ER then ICU

There is a frequent practise of sending patients to ER from the ward for stabilization prior to ICU.

VAP/CLI reporting

See QA Infection CLI, QA Infection VAP and Contacting Quality Officer and Manager for VAPs and CLIs

WiFi connection

see also Wireless networking Laptop connects to wireless network in all areas except medical records. Hard drive computers are always available in medical records to the data collector in that area for easy access to epr and email etc.