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EMIP stands for Emergency Medicine "IN" patient. It is used for patients who are admitted to our internal medicine service and spend their entire admission under one of the medicine services we follow in the ER (emergency department).

Definition of EMIP

An EMIP is a Patient who has a record in EPR/Cognos Report Integrator for a Service we collect while in ER, and who does not then end up on one of the wards/units that correspond with that service, regardless where they go instead.

  1. Pt has an order or some entry that medicine has accepted the patient while still in ER.
  2. The patient leaves the ER to either
    • home or
    • any other out of hospital location or
    • the patient is transferred within the hospital to any service because Medicine decides that they will not take the pt but the patient needs different care or
    • dies in ER ("ED Death after Arrival" in Cognos)
    • leaves AMA ("ED Reg/Triaged/Assess LAMA" in Cognos)

Patients in ER admitted under other services are not EMIPs

Our definition of EMIP includes only patients that were followed by one of our services. So, patients who were followed by Family Medicine or Trauma while still in the ER are not EMIPs.

Identifying EMIPs

Identifying EMIPs in Cognos2 Service Starter

EMIPs show up in Cognos2 Service Starter. They can't be identified there as EMIPs, but that's OK, since they really are just like any other patient now and should just be entered.

There has been some discussion whether or not a patient accepted by our service but still in ER when Cognos first lists them should actually be entered then, or only after they either leave from ER or become an inpatient. People have been leaving these un-entered both out of old habit (when EMIPs were entered following different rules you first had to know if a pt would need to be entered as EMIP or as regular) and to be able to enter the unit at the same time, rather than having to remember to go back to the record later to enter the unit. There really is no longer a reason to delay these, especially starting with Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients, instead they become something for which we would need to add tools to CSS to identify them. Please enter them as they show up on Cognos2 Service Startero.

Entering data for EMIPs

Entering patients in dispo tab fields

  • Service/Location field - your Generic HSC_Med, GRA_Med, STB_Med
  • Previous Service field - likely emergency medicine, unless some other service accepted them prior to medicine, and was never able to get them out of the ER either, and medicine accepted the patient from them - in order for a pt to be an EMIP they must have been accepted by Medicine for admission otherwise they would just be an Emergency patient
  • Accept DtTm field - the time Medicine accepted them, i.e. the time they became an EMIP
  • Previous Location field - use normal instructions

Follow the instructions in Boarding Loc, Service tmp entry, Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry; if you do, none of the old special instructions for EMIPs should be required. That's part of the point of going to the new scheme.

Collecting an EMIP who has been transferred to your location

Collection includes patients who are discharged to another service's location in the hospital. (eg Med to CC or CC to Med)

EMIP scenario

  • In ER under Medicine service and left your hospital to Home or died in ER
  • In ER under Medicine service and transferred to other locations under different service in your hospital
  • In ER under Medicine service and discharged to other locations in another hospital


  • In ER under Medicine service and then moved to a Medicine service ward (i.e. a regular Medicine admission)
  • In ER under Medicine service and then moved to other ward but under Medicine service (i.e. a case of off ward patients).

Swiss Army Knife.svg

TT needs to integrate these better.

  • Scenario...
    • (1) Internal Med answered consult but deferred to ICMS and admitted under Critical care. Profile should be under Critical care and not Med?
      • Consult doesn't count as admission, collect in Critical care only.
    • (2) Rural Pt was accepted by Internal Med but deteriorated enroute to Winnipeg. Transport team transferred to ER resusc room and ICMS consulted and admitted pt. Is this an EMIP/Medicine profile? Or straight Critical care profile? Thank you. p:Mailah Damian ---2021_Mar_16
      • Should only be collected as critical care profile, they were already under CC before they arrived at the hospital. Consider how we would also not collect the pt under medicine if they had died in transit.
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  • action: 2021-08-17
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