Cognos2 OneTime table

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Cognos2 OneTime table contains the parts of the Cognos EPR Report that are only needed once per patient visit. It is populated by Function CognosImport.

Data Structure

field type description
ClientVisitGUID Text(20) unique visit id
ClientGUID Text(16) unique visit id
HospitalMRN Text(20) xx
hosp Text xx
FirstName Text xx
LastName Text xx
Gender Text xx
Chart Text xx
LastTwo Text xx
PHIN Text xx
DateOfBirth Date/Time xx
Prov Text xx
EmergencyDepartment Text xx
ReferringLocation Text xx
HospEntryDtm Date/Time xx
EDRegistrationDtm Date/Time xx
Visit_Admit_DtTm Date/Time xx
IPAdmitDtm Date/Time xx
EDDischargeDtm Date/Time xx
IPDischargeLocation Text xx
IPDischargeDisposition Text xx
IPDischargeDtm Date/Time xx
HospDischargeDtm Date/Time xx

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