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This article is about the couriers we use to send forms and sometimes supplies between Category:Offices. STB is internal hospital mail. Western Messenger(WM)is the Medical Legal Courier used by WRHA and by Grace to HSC and HSC to Grace.

UM Medicine Wiki:

Mail Courier

HSC to STB and vice versa

  • use inter hospital mail, No cost center required
  • Sending IN forms from STB to HSC: inter hospital mail - no cost center needed on envelope.
  • Pagasa called Kim Militere and confirmed that between HSC and STB the cost is free with no size or weigh restrictions


  • Sending OUT forms to Grace from HSC: large envelopes or packages must put cost center on package
  • Would that make it cheaper to just print things at GRA as required, especially since printer project means we no longer pay wear and tear or toner? Ttenbergen 10:49, 2020 September 23 (CDT)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
This is inconsistent with the GRA instruction below where it says no cost centre required. 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
  • Sending IN forms from GRACE to HSC - no charges and no cost center need on envelope.

Contact instructions

HSC / Main office

Contacted Kim Militere, Manager from HSC mail room for costs. When we send inter-office mail to other sites it costs 1$ for the large envelopes. She did not mention this being free between HSC and STB, and I did not ask. Requested documentation, they don't have any. Ttenbergen 14:14, 2014 November 20 (CST)

Envelopes or packages are placed in the outbox outside office door or dropped of in mailroom.

We have pre-made labels:

  • To all site except STB: on the top right of envelope, we write the cost center to charge to.
  • for STB: top right of envelope we write interhospital
this needs to be made consistent with what is written above. actually, should there even be two sections of instructions or just one? Ttenbergen
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories


At the Grace we drop off an envelope in the Western Messenger box in the mailroom located on the ground floor just past the pharmacy, we do not put a cost center, so I am not certain who is paying for this service


The outgoing courier box is located in the audiovisual office in the basement tunnel that leads from the education building where we are located, to the main hospital. The box is on the bottom shelf of the mailbox area in the A-V office, just below our incoming mail slot.

The courier picks up the outgoing mail by 1100 every morning

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