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  • 2020-Apr-09 instructions for sending in completed TISS forms:
    • HSC can drop off in main office
    • STB and GRA follow general instructions in Courier

Address for sending to HSC main office

A template for printing this address label can be found on Regional server in the Document folder

WRHA Adult Critical Care Program office (TISS forms)
Health Sciences Center
GF201–820 Sherbrook Street
(Green Owl,level 2, Rm.GF201)

Collecting TISS forms for combined sending


Do you do collect forms for combined sending / drop off? Where, how? 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories


  • The envelope containing the TISS forms to be sent is on Val's desk (central location) until it is taken to the courier box every Wednesday & Friday, and a new one started


Do you do collect forms for combined sending? Where, how? 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

When to send long-stay patient's forms

For patients who are in your ICU for more than 14 days,

  • complete and check TISS forms from more than one week ago and send them in even before the patient is complete. You can keep the current sheet and the sheet just previous to that one.
  • please keep track of this in the Notes field on the laptop.


  • Since the change to the new TISS 28, we are now doing a 2300 hrs snapshot of central lines, trachs, ventilators and bipap (#46-49 on sheet) for important projects such as the Critical Care Vital Sign Monitor project
  • The reason for this is so that Pagasa can scan these forms and keep up to date with reporting these 2300 counts.

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