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 Historical article

The TISS76-Form and TISS28 Form Scanning is processed by the Data Processor using Teleform.

  • instructions and process will change when we go to TISS28 target date Jan 1.13.Trish Ostryzniuk 19:02, 2012 October 10 (CDT)

Number of pages scanned and uploaded to master TMSX database


  • June/July 1988 to mid September 1998, only one page (pts first 5 ICU days) of TISS76 was scanned into master TMSX (Critical Care) database.
  • September 14, 1998, two pages (pts first 10 ICU days) were scanned in master database
  • January, 1, 2013 - See: TISS28 or TISS28 Form Scanning. On this date, TISS for the entire LOS is being scanned and stored.

TISS Form Processing Steps

Data collectors mail their TISS forms to the main office after they electronically send in their patient data to the Regional Server.

  • All ICU sites except for HSC and STB, send in the TISS forms using Courier.
    • HSC drops off TISS to main processing office
    • STB send TISS form via inter-hospital mail system.
  • TISS forms are grouped by their Batch sent number and in order of serial number from lowest to highest in the batch sent.

The TISS forms arrive through the hospital mail within 2 days after sending; Wednesday is send day, and forms arrive Monday at the latest.

TISS form Management PRE SCANNING

  • Data for a batch must have been appended before scanning
  • When mail envelopes opened, the TISS batches then organized by the BATCH APPEND(import)NUMBER. (refer to the Batch Append (import) Log book to obtain this number).
  • Using the Registry Log Printout from ICU,
    • the database study number is recorded on the front and back of each TISS form
    • the serial numbers of the forms are cross-checked to the log
      • If the serial number or the dates is incorrect Pagasa phones or email the data collector right away and put a sticky on the TISS form and specify the problem so I won't forget.
    • verify name of the patient
    • verify dots are properly filled in
    • verify TISS76-2 hour rule dates on the form and in the columns
      • if it is a valid 2 hour rule, then the TISS form should be marked check "Yes". Pagasa documents on the Registry Log Printout that 2 hour rule is applicable for that patient.
    • Checking the date it should be matched if the LOS is 5 days then the TISS should be marked for 5 days except if there is NO TREATMENT then the TISS "No Treatment" bubble should be filled in.
      • Are there 2 things talked about here, LOS and No Treatment? I don't understand what is being checked Ttenbergen 17:11, 30 June 2011 (CDT)

TISS forms are now ready for scanning

Teleform Scanning process

It is possible to put 20 or 30 TISS forms in the Scanner at one time.

Steps required to Navigating through Teleform Programs.


On the Scanner PC:

  • Double-click on the Teleform Reader shortcut on the desktop
  • Click on the Scan menu, then Scan Station
  • Make sure the dropdown underneath the menu bar says TISS
  • Select File, New Batch
  • Click the Start button
  • Scanner will start scanning in the TISS forms, Pagasa says the automatic document feeder can handle 20-30 forms at a time
  • Click Accept


  • Double-click on the Teleform Verifier shortcut on the desktop

Something goes wrong with the script here now...

  • Check if all showing NEEDS REVIEW.
  • Scroll upside down? and then enter twice and you start verifying.
  • After all the TISS forms are scanned in click ACCEPT.
  • Teleform will start evaluating the TISS form you scanned in.
  • Once it finished you will see, at the bottom of the window, that the program is now IDLE.
  • You can start verifying the TISS.
    • What does Verifying do?......
  • To Verify
  • Go to Teleform Verifier double click
  • Go to the batch number you are going to verify.
  • Start Verifying and fixed whatever you see that need to be fixed Example: dates, dots and names.
  • Go to Batch Option.
  • After you finished verifying the TISS click COMMIT and YES.
    • COMMITTING processes and exports the TISS from Teleform to:
      • C:/Tfrm6/Exp/tftiss.ps (for ICU TISS).
      • C:/Tfrm6/Exp/MedTest5.ps (for Medicine iTISS)(stopped collecting December 16, 2006 @ 0001 hrs)


  • The TScanReader.exe program takes the TISS output data from Teleform, reads and uploads it into the ICU or Medicine database.
  • TScanStudy.exe is the corresponding program for Medicine.

TISS Upload Procedure

  • To upload TISS into Master Database TMSX on you desktop go to the SHORTCUT -'ICU TScanReader.exe' - double click.
  • Click START
  • when completed click EXIT.
  • Log into TMSX and check if all TISS was uploaded correctly into TISS.dat.
  • Now you are ready to scanned the next batch.
  • FILE the TISS forms which are all in batch & study number order by putting them in a pre labelled filing folder.
  • TISS forms are filed in consecutive study number order in the rolling files in the office.

PTorres 09:52, 10 November 2008 (CST)


  • 30-40 TISS forms on Scanner document feed.
  • After scanning TISS I verified it right away and appended it to the Critical Care Master Database, TMSX using TScanReader.exe
  • file the TISS forms.

PTorres 08:49, 31 July 2008 (CDT) TOstryzniuk 20:18, 5 November 2008 (CST)

Troubleshooting Teleform

1. If TScanReader.exe is not able to upload the tftiss.ps into the ICU database to TMSX/Data/TISS.dat, and you get the following error message: [Media:TscanReader_ERROR_message.pdf| file may be out of alignment....?]] then proceed with the following steps to resolve.

  • a. Login to ICU database TMSX and see which TISS forms were uploaded successfully into TISS.dat file from the batch that was scanned in.
  • b. go to: C:/Tfrm6/exp and look for tftiss.ps. Delete this file.
  • c. go to C:/Critfrm6 and look for TScanX.dat. Delete this file too.
  • d. If none of the forms were uploaded successfully into database then rescan your whole batch.
  • if only some of the forms were uploaded then rescan only those TISS forms from the batch that were not uploaded into the database successfully.
    • Dec 10.08- Noted that Teleform is picking up extra data at the beginning of most serial number slots on the back page of most TISS forms. This shows up as a number "1" in front of each serial number.
    • If this additional character is missed and not deleted from the slot in Teleform Verifier it will be included in the committed (exported) ttiss.ps file for that form. TScanReader.exe is unable to read that form correctly into database because the serial number on the front and back page of the form doesn't match and reports a possible misalignment. Any forms after that this forms are also not read into database.
    • On the scanned image, there is a long line through the image. This started about June 2008 from what I can see. The line down is there because the Scanner has not been cleaned for sometime.
    • The data processor must clean the Scanner once a month in order to avoid this type of dirt build up which is now showing up on forms.

TOstryzniuk 14:21, 11 December 2008 (CST)


Filing of TISS

  • File in Main database office.
  • folder labeled with number stickers and filed in study number groups's of 100.
    • would be good to file electronically and not keep paper after scanning.-Trish Ostryzniuk 16:27, 2012 October 17 (CDT)
  • You say you check one-by-one the TISS on the database. Does Ed's importer allow double-TISS's per patient?
    • No.

Is there no tool to check for missing or multiple TISSes? This might be something to consider. How long does this cross-check take? Ttenbergen 11:00, 21 October 2008 (CDT)

  • Yes they can use pencil to mark the tiss but sometimes the scanners stop me and ask if that is marked or not and also if the pencil is not clear enough scanner wont pick it up. Pagasa