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Funding Sources

  1. MNU $200.00 per calendar year- an expense claim form is submitted to 791 Notre Dame (paid only if required to attend by the employer)
  2. WRHA continuing Education Fund: $500.00 per calendar year - a form continuing ED application form is submitted to 650 Main St

Professional Development

Please refer to your collective agreement, article 2407- A, B, & C for more information related to Education Leave and Educational Development.

NOTE: Paid Education DAY (subsidy): Only Employer required educational conferences, workshops, programs or seminars are paid for by the employer as "paid education days." There is an "allowance" per fiscal year that will pay for tuition or registration fees, but not salary. See article 2407 A & B of your collective agreement.

Staff can do one of the following:

  1. This is only for conference or education days that employer requires your attendance
  2. full time or scheduled staff. Request a banked vacation or stat day to attend. You can still submit for article 2407-C reimbursement of registration or tuition fees.

Continuing Education Forms

  1. Expense claim form for conference Registration cost: can be found:
    • Also can be found on Regional Server\Documents\WRHA_FORMS\WRHA_Professional Development FORMS (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Documents\WRHA_FORMS\WRHA_Professional Development FORMS)
      • Please use expense code if necessary: 561520000 (Course, seminar, conference, workshop registration fees)for Staff Development.

Forms for WRHA Continuing Education Subsidy go to:' Continuing Education Application for education Subsidy

Frequently asked question about continuing education go to: What is continuing education subsidy?

If unclear about any expense codes to use go to: or email

All Other Forms

Other WRHA form can be found here at:

WRHA Skill development Web page

WRHA Skill development

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