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Vacation relief shifts are posted and available to sign up for during “specified” dates and only for certain length of time.

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This came from Extra shift sign up sheet; it needs to be validated and integrated. Extra shifts available for this program at all sites in the Region can be found on the Regional Server in a folder labeled Extra Shift SignUp.

  • extra shifts are posted in advance with a posting date and sign up cut off date.
  • the sign up sheet is taken offline after the cut off date. This allows the main office and review, plan, coordinate and approve these shifts.
  • an email goes out to all staff when sign up sheet is put back on the server, which is minimally 2 weeks before the start of a 4 week rotation as per collective agreement.

Location of sign up sheet

  • Regional Server:
    • Regional Server\Admin\!VacationExtra_Shift-SignUP_MasterRotation\Extra Shift Sign Up\ (full address: \\ad.wrha.mb.ca\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Admin\!VacationExtra_Shift-SignUP_MasterRotation\Extra Shift Sign Up\)
  • Don't depend on printed and posted list in offices, as they are not the most up-to-date.
  • extra shifts sign up will be checked minimum twice per week.
checked by whom, main office or is that a directive to collectors? 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Rules and Regulations for shift pick ups

  • Other team members at your site and then in the Region have the option to pick up the posted relief shifts.
  • If no one signed up to cover shifts posted during your vacation or sick LOA, then management will look at staff reallocation.
  • If you have signed up for a shift that has been approved you cannot cancel it. You are responsible to find someone to replace you.
  • All extra shifts must be approved before you proceed to work them (sick, vacation).
  • The number of extra shifts made available is at the discretion of management.
  • Vacation shifts not covered during vacation may be offered, at the discretion of program management, at a later date.
  • If an available shift is posted for a certain day in a week and you would like to do that shift on another day during the week, for example Thursday instead of the requested and posted Friday, you can put in the comment section a request for another day in that week.
  • Management may reallocate staff to other units in primary site or to other site in Region when necessary. Few days training would be required to go to other sites.
  • Sick Calls
  • Know your 4 week Rotation

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