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This page contains information specific to Grace Hospital ICU collection only. See GRA General Collection Guide for information related to all Grace Hospital collection, and see ICU Curriculum for information to all-site ICU data collection. Also see 2020_GRA_COVID_unit_transition#GRA_MICU.

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Grace ICU

For info about the unit, see GRA MICU


  • Thinned charts and old charts are kept on the lower shelf of the rounds cart.
  • The patient's chart is usually kept on a bedside table with the bedside red binder

Documentation change once Transfer Ready

Once the patient has been deemed medically stable ie. transfer ready, the ICU flowsheets are no longer used. Only the daily systems review sheet is used to document VS, activity, lines etc.


Continuous flow medications are documented on both the ICU flowsheet and the MAR. PRN medications are documented on the PRN (non-scheduled) medication form. Regularly scheduled medications are documented on the scheduled medication form. Blood products are documented on the Blood product form, the ICU flowsheet or sometimes on the scheduled medication form if ordered regularly ie. HSA25% BID

Lab Counts

ABG/VBG are not entered in the EPR but are found on the ABG flowsheet found on the bedside clipboard


Ultrasounds are done on the bedside now, if patient is ventilated. So on the TISS, it's not counted as a trip with RN out of ICU anymore.

GRA ICU Data Collector


GRA_MICU Contacts


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