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"Generate Person IDs" is the step during Centralized data Vetting Process by which unique Person IDs are generated in L Person table and associated with the ward-admission records in centralized_data.mdb. It also refers to the button "Generate Person IDs" in CFE.

Related to Encounter processing and L Person table.


At the right point in Centralized data Vetting Process (and only then):

  1. click the 'generate person IDs'
  2. screen prompt 'done generating...', click OK
  3. email the Statistician that all data is completed, corrected and vetted.

Proceed as instructed in Centralized data Vetting Process.

Consistency of Person_ID over time

See Person ID field#Consistency of Person_ID over time

Algorithm summary

collapsed so it doesn't look like steps the Data processor needs to do.   

see encounter_processing module Sub Encounter_processor() for most current implementation

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