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This page describes a currently unsupported process. Part of it might be implemented, but it isn't being used or checked. 17:08, 2017 November 29 (CST)

L_Person is a table in Centralized_data.mdb used to record the concept of Multiple Encounter.

There can be multiple records in L_Log table for each entry in the L_Person table.

L_Person is populated as part of Encounter processing.

Data Structure

field type description
Person_ID text Person_ID field
Death date we are hoping to import it from a central repository at some point; it could also be populated partly by storing the dispo DtTm of the first time a patient has Dispo = dead; don't think that's implemented right now either.
Last_update date last time the record was updated by Encounter processing; date that gets set to "now" whenever a new bit of info is found for the corresponding patient