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The HSC Services in Cognos include a set of "HSC ALC Medicine" services:

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  • HSC ALC Ch Adol Psy / Community Other
  • HSC ALC Child Health / Special Training
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Addictions Centre
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / CIVP
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Other ALC
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Panel Appr CC
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Panel Appr PCH
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Panel in Process
  • HSC ALC Med ClinAs / Rehab Bed
  • HSC ALC Medicine / CIVP
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Community Other
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Home Care
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Homeless Evicted
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Housing Other
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Other ALC
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Panel Appr CC
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Panel Appr Other
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Panel Appr PCH
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Panel in Process
  • HSC ALC Medicine / Rehab Bed
  • HSC ALC Mental Hlth / Addictions Centre
  • HSC ALC Mental Hlth / Homeless Evicted
  • HSC ALC Mental Hlth / Housing Other
  • HSC ALC Mental Hlth / Other ALC
  • HSC ALC Rehab / Housing Other
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Community Other
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Home Care
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Homeless Evicted
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Other ALC
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Panel in Process
  • HSC ALC Surgery / Rehab Bed

This was discussed between Lisa and Tina 2021-11-12. It was decided to include these in the Service tmp entry because this makes them disappear from CSS and yet shows them in Cognos2 Ender when they are eventually discharged.

This was initially discussed at the Task meeting 2021-06-03 and it was decided that we can safely ignore this.

  • ALC (Alternate Level of Care) may appear as a service when a patient is admitted under medicine. It really isn't a service but rather a designation which is given when a patient is waiting for discharge, for various reasons. The patient remains under their admitting service in addition to having an ALC designation. eg. HSC ALC medicine/ CIVP means they are waiting on CIVP (community IV program), HSC ALC medicine / Panel Appr PCH means they are waiting placement in a PCH. ALC is not specific to medicine, the above list of ALC services shows that it can be rehab, surgery, psych, etc

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