ICU Var 4 - Parked in ER

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Legacy only. This data was replaced as part of the 2016 Time and Place changes. See off ward field. 

ICU Var 4 was used tag patients who are parked in the ER for a period of time while being transferred between two ICUs in the city.

  • there are some profiles with unexplained gaps in time when a patient is moved from one ICU to another in the city. For some unforeseen reason, the accepting ICU did not have a bed ready. With the Statistician now linking continuous hospital admissions in the city, we needed a tag for the few cases that were held up for this reason so that these transfers would not be continually questioned when data reviewed.

Coding Instruction

Possible Value:

  • P for parked entered by the receiving ICU's collector if the patient is being transferred between ICUs but has a stay in ER on the way

Data Structure

See Category:Variable_codes_1_to_6 for details

Legacy Data

Braden Score

The Braden score was proposed for Medicine but never done. The Braden assessment was supposed to be a Regional initiative on all Medicine wards in the city. We have been standing by, ready and waiting with a slot to record.....TOstryzniuk 17:59, 22 July 2008 (CDT)