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The L_ICD10_APACHE_Comorbids query generates a list of patients ICD10 diagnoses and which APACHE Acute Diagnoses they would contribute to.

The query lists dx records in L_ICD10 table that have a counterpart in S_ICD10_APACHE_Dx query and have Dx_Type = "Admit".

{{discuss | still waiting to hear if Acquired Diagnoses should be included... Ttenbergen 17:23, 2018 February 25 (CST)

  • You and Allan discussed what should be on the list. At some point we will need to integrate the result into this query. Did you end up including Acquireds? Since the first 24hrs might include them, but they might happen later, and the difference is not clear from Dx_Date? Ttenbergen 20:20, 2018 November 24 (CST)
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