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The L_ICD10 table in CCMDB.accdb contains the ICD10 data collected as per ICD10 collection.

Data Structure

Pat ID fieldPat_IDnumberLong IntegerThe Pat_ID field contains a unique-per-laptop identifying number for patient ward admissions. See Serial number.
D ID fieldD_IDstring18The unique identifier/index of records in the Critical Care and Medicine Database.
L ICD10 IDL ICD10 IDnumberlongUnique identifier of the L_ICD10 table
ICD10 codeICD10 codestring10The actual ICD10 code.
Dx DateDx_Datedatenot enteredThe date/time of an ICD10 diagnosis.
Dx Date unknownDx_Date_unknownbooleannot enteredTrue for Acquired Diagnosis / Complication when Dx Date legitimately missing.
Dx TypeDx Typestring8The type of an ICD10 diagnosis (Comorbid Diagnosis, Admit Diagnosis or Acquired Diagnosis / Complication)
Dx PriorityDx PrioritynumbersingleThe priority of an ICD10 diagnosis, used to rank and group.
Dx PrimaryDx primarybooleannot enteredCheckbox that is set to true for a single Admit Diagnosis per ward stay that is the Primary Admit Diagnosis

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