APACHE Acute Diagnoses

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This is not about Chronic Health APACHE or the APACHE Comorbid Diagnoses.

The APACHE Acute Diagnoses are a subset of our Admit Diagnosis or Acquired Diagnosis.


Dx grouping

There would be no way to exclude post-first-48hr Acquireds from the calculation. Do we care? Or should this only be Admits?


Diabetes_mellitus_chronic_complication:_Musculoskeletal is selected by the line

  • ns_Z1 Renal/Metabolic NOS NOT admitted to ICU postoperatively AND Any admit diagnosis is N00.^-N39.^, E00.^-E90.^

In your excel sheet.

It is a chronic code sort of by definition, so hopefully no one would code it as an admit, but for now they could. And if they did, it would give them APACHE Dx (not como) points.

Is that really as intended? I suppose even as a chronic code it is a marker for the presence of diabetes, so it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, but it seems odd, so flagging it.

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need here some general info what these are, links to wiki articles they are actually related to under old coding scheme, etc. I need help with this because I don't know if any of this is on the wiki, or else what it is about. Ttenbergen 17:20, 2018 February 23 (CST)

Implementation in CCMDB


draws on the

The contents of the

are then used by the

to provide the list of ICD10 APACHE Acute Diagnoses for patient records.

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