APACHE Acute Diagnoses

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This is not about Chronic Health APACHE or the APACHE Comorbid Diagnoses.

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  • In the APACHE system of risk stratification, you assign a single diagnosis that represents the single most relevant reason for admission to ICU -- chosen from a specific list of 45 possibilities. Thus it is related to the Primary Admit Diagnosis but it is automatically assigned based on whatever was coded as that "Primary Admit Diagnosis".

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need here some general info what these are, links to wiki articles they are actually related to under old coding scheme, etc. I need help with this because I don't know if any of this is on the wiki, or else what it is about. Ttenbergen 17:20, 2018 February 23 (CST)

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Implementation in CCMDB


draws on the

The contents of the

are then used by the

to provide the list of ICD10 APACHE Acute Diagnoses for patient records.

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