Medical Incompetency tracking

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Active?: aborted in planning
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Internal
Collection start:
Collection end:

See also Medical noncompliance

Legacy only, see below for details

Legacy - Medicine Steering Committee has decided not to collect this information.    - there are many "reasons" for patient disposition problems and tracking only one specific reason would not provide program with adequate information.  Thank you for bringing this forward as suggestion.  Trish Ostryzniuk 17:56, 2016 February 1 (CST)

Patients who are declared medically incompetent can have much delayed discharges so we want to track when this happens.

Data Collection Instructions

for which patients to code

Must have a "Form 21" - The Mental Health Act, c M110(Sub-section 60(1)) - Certificate of Mental Incapacity

how to code


  • Project: MedIncomp
  • Item: form dated
  • Date/time: time form 21 is dated from
  1. Tina, will this accept dates prior to patient admission to current ward as often these patients are in hospital a very long time? They can be shunted from ward to ward as space is required.--CMarks 07:40, 2016 January 26 (CST)
  2. Is form 21 - Medically incompetent form – ever completed during a patients ICU admission?
  • HSC_SICU, IICU, MICU, CCU- I have never seen a completed form, but have not been looking for them either. p:Joyce Peterson
    • I don’t remember ever seeing one done after admission during my life there…if the question was relevant once in ICU-the search was for appropriate documentation prior to the event. p:Louise Lemoine
  • GRA-ICU - I have never seen it. p:Stephanie Cortilet
  • Oak_ICU - Not to my knowledge.p:Lorri Pruden
  • VIC_ICU - I spoke with Joanne who is the social worker for Vic ICU. She has worked there for 10 years. She has done maybe 5 in the 10 years she has been there. The form 21 is filled out by the physician first then the social worker must do an assessment with the form and then it is sent to the director of psychiatric services who assesses the information and either approves it or not. Thanks I have never seen one in ICU but have seen a only a few in Medicine. p:Shirley Kiesman
  • STB_CICU - I don’t remember seeing one. p:Lois Bilesky
  • STB MICU: I do not recall ever seeing a form like this on a chart in the ICU here. --LKolesar 07:29, 2016 February 2 (CST)
  • I do not recall seeing this form in my travels across the sites, are we referring to "mentally incompetent" or "medically incompetent"? Lisa Kaita 13:50, 2016 February 2 (CST)

Start/End Dates

What if a Power of Attorney exists for the patient?

If patient/client already has a POA [Power of Attorney] for any reason and becomes incompetent then the form may not be required as they can initiate any/all decisions arising from this determination. We will not include these patients in the data collection for this project. (As confirmed by Dr. Garland. --CMarks 14:18, 2016 January 20 (CST))

Does Psych need to be involved?

Psych may or may not be involved in the determination whether a patient is medically incompetent. We don't care about that for the collection of this item.

How is this data used?

Collector brought his suggestion forward.

CCMDB Data Integrity Checks

None yet

SAS Program

<needs detail when available>