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This page lists all the projects captured in our Tmp Project Collection data structure.

Over time, we have done 36 projects.

 Project StatusProgramRequestorStart dateStop date
ACCU borrowlegacyCCunknown7 July 201619 July 2018
ACP Status collection in ICUlegacyCCCritical Care QI Team10 August 201531 December 2016
Accept Loc ParkactiveCC and Med(internal)7 December 2017
AcceptDateSourcelegacyCC and MedInternal1 February 201731 March 2017
Alias ID collectionactiveCC and MedInternal24 April 2015
Allied Health ConsultslegacyMedLinda Hathout5 November 201230 September 2013
Arrest Witnessingaborted in planningCC and MedAllan Garland and a Resident
Boarding LocactiveCC and MedCritical Care program (Allan Garland)20 September 2019
CCU Service TrackinglegacyCCUnknown/legacy1 October 20107 July 2016
CRRT ProjectlegacyCC
  • Critical Care Program: Jodi Walker Tweed, Ryan Holland
  • Renal Program: Dr. Joe Bueti, Dr Herman Lam
19 September 20164 June 2019
Catheter09legacyMedKimberly Jabusch29 October 200931 January 2010
Comfort CarelegacyCC and MedInternal11 November 201326 August 2019
Decubitus Ulcer StudylegacyMedDr. Nick Hajidiacos10 December 200730 July 2008
DeviceUse StudylegacyCCUnknown/legacy1 January 20115 December 2011
Early ID studylegacyMedDr. John Embil31 January 201130 June 2011
EuroScorelegacyCCUnknown/legacy6 July 200710 May 2011
H1N1legacyCCUnknown/legacy10 June 20096 July 2009
IABP projectlegacyCCCCVSM3 December 201231 December 2018
ICUotherServiceactiveCCACCU's directors/manager5 April 2018
IICU consultlegacyCCBojan P / Jodi / Adrian12 November 20181 January 2020
Influenza trackinglegacyCC and MedMyrna Dyck1 October 201725 July 2018
Influenza treatedlegacyCC and MedCritical Care QI Team21 December 201725 July 2018
Medical Incompetency trackingaborted in planningCC and MedInternal
Moves for MedicinelegacyMedunknown/legacy1 September 20073 June 2011
Overstay Predictor ProjectlegacyMedMary Ann Lynch and Dr Eberhard Renner5 November 20121 October 2019
Peer AuditlegacyCC and Medinternal17 November 200918 June 2001
Project ABO TEEactiveCCDr. R. Manji, Dr. A. Menkis28 January 2013
Project Borrow arriveactiveCCCritical Care program (Allan Garland)19 July 201829 January 2020
Project Discharge DocumentationplannedMedDr. Rachel Fainstein
QA Infection CLIlegacyCCCritical Care QI Team22 August 200931 December 2018
QA Infection VAPlegacyCCCritical Care QI Team22 August 200931 December 2018
QA Septic ShocklegacyCCDr. Kendiss Olafson6 March 201730 June 2017
Septic Shock Order SetlegacyCCAllan Garland26 April 201814 September 2018
SmartPump AuditlegacyCC and MedLinda Hathout3 March 200825 March 2008
TISS form auditactiveCCInternal27 May 2020
Transfusion AuditlegacyCCUnknown/legacy1 November 200731 January 2008